What Your Favorite Drunk Food Says About You

One of the best things about drinking is getting to enjoy a greasy, calorie-laden meal at the end. Food has a way of making everything feel better, no matter how bad your drunken night may have been. Your favorite food choice can reveal a lot about you and we know exactly what it means!


You’ve never met a person with more sass than you. People can sense your personality from a mile away and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve been known to be a bit of a wild child, but your heart of gold always keeps you grounded. You’re extremely forward with your feeling, yet you’re away of those around you. You’re the best person to bring to parties or take on a spontaneous road trip because you always bring the fun.


You have a very classic personality and that’s what people love so much about you. You have exquisite taste and enjoy the finer things in life, which makes you the best shopping buddy. You always appear very put together, even though you may actually have two midterms today and only got three hours of sleep last night. You have an artistic flare that you don’t always let people see, but when they do get a glimpse of it they’re amazed at how talented you are. You are the definition of when people say “life goals.”


You don’t necessarily have to be Canadian to love this treat. You have a bold personality and definitely march to the beat of your own drum. You’re the type of person who doesn’t just follow trends, you set them. You’ve been known to be a bit eccentric, but that’s just because your personality is so electric. Friends always go to you for advice because they know you’ll say it as it is. You’re always up for adventures, no matter how crazy they may be, and that’s what makes you so fun to hang out with.

Burger and Fries

You’re as ambitious as they come. Your dreams are even bigger than the burger you ordered from Five Guys, and you know that nothing is going to stop you from achieving them. You have a traditional Type A personality, which makes you extremely detail-oriented, reliable and efficient. You keep yourself busy with extracurricular activities  and volunteering when you’re not busy studying for your next big exam. With that being said, you value your alone time so you can recharge your batteries in order to tackle your next big project. You’re determined and strong willed, and you know that you’re going places.


You’re a social butterfly who can’t wait to share a big plate of nachos with her friends at the end of a long night. You have a very busy social calendar, but it’s only because you take advantage of every opportunity to make memories. You love being in the know about everything going on in your friend circle and are constantly updating your social media with what’s going on with you (including an Instagram pic of those yummy nachos). Everyone knows that you’re the one to invite if they want to have fun—whether that’s hitting the town or catching up on your favorite Netflix series.


You know that you’re more of a listener than a talker, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinions. You’re strong-willed and love a good debate when it’s something your passionate about. You’re too busy with your life to waste time on things (or people) that aren’t worth it. You’re excellent at prioritizing and have no time for nonsense. Since you always listen to what other people have to say, you give the best advice in times of need. You’re wise beyond your years and everyone can’t wait to see how amazing your future turns out to be.

Ice Cream

Just like this treat, you’re sweet to the very last drop. You’re the self-proclaimed “mother” of your friend circle because you’re always watching out for others. You’re sensitive to other people’s emotions, which makes you both caring and friendly. In high school you were that person the teacher always asked to help show the new kid around. You’re dependable, genuine,and very detail-oriented. However, you do know how to let loose sometimes and you know you have the best moves on the dance floor. You’re the perfect combination of relaxed and spontaneous.


While you don’t get why everyone compares you to Amy Schumer, we totally get it. You’re a complete comedian who can make anyone laugh. Your light-hearted nature and easygoing personality makes you the best person to chill with. You can instantly turn any awkward situation around with one of your witty comments or jokes. You tend to get along great with anyone and everyone. When your friends need you, you’re always there to offer some of your sound advice and to cheer them up with a good comedy. Everyone knows they can rely on you and that’s what makes you best friend goals.

So, did we get it right or wrong? Did we miss a favorite type of drunk food? But no matter what, make sure you treat yourself every once in a while to these yummy foods—whether you’re drunk or not!


What Your Favorite Drunk Food Says About You


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