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What’s Your Enneagram Personality Type?

What's Your Enneagram Personality Type?

The Enneagram is a famous model of human personality which is understood and taught as a typology of several interconnected personality types. Are you ready to discover which one you have? Let’s find out!

What’s Your Enneagram Personality Type?

2 replies on “What’s Your Enneagram Personality Type?”

“The Enthusiast
Your Enneagram personality type is the Enthusiast. You’re driven by an inner wisdom and you enthusiastically embrace big ideas and goals. You’re a natural planner and your gaze is always to the future. You fear being trapped and you enjoy keeping as many options open as possible. You’re often tempted to think the grass is greener on other side of the fence leading you to ambitiously try many different things before settling on your life path. It may be exhausting for others, but you thrive on tasting all the colors of the rainbow! Your zest for life is unmatched!”

However, the true answers were:

1: When I’m on a manic high
2: People who pretend they’re better than they are
3: Personality; whichever persona I’m wearing at the time
4: Smoking cigars and whoring
5: Roosevelt
6: All of them and more
7: Dominance
8: A pyramid, with me at the top and worshipers down below
9: Confidential

The Megalomaniac

Your Enneagram personality type is the Reformer. You are deeply driven by the pursuit of perfection. Whether in your personal life or your professional pursuits, you know that you’re cable of the best and you’re unwilling to settle for any less. You resent corruption, inefficiency and and imbalance. Your drive for perfection can often come across as arrogance or hypocrisy, but your desire to shake things up is sincere. When balanced you have the remarkable ability to change things for the better. Be patient, trust yourself, and work towards making life as perfect as you know it can be!

Kinda fits, but I think I’m much closer to The Investigator.

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