WhatsApp Accused Rapist Bragged His Victim Was ’63rd Girl He’d Slept With’


Artjom Nepryahin, 25, who denies two charges of rape, sent the message to a friend bragging about the encounter.

At the trial at Nottingham Crown Court, he insisted ‘number 63’ had been purely consensual.

He told the court: “It was just to boast to him about having sex”.

The pair are accused of targeting the victim at a high-end cocktail bar before taking her home and raping her on a sofa after she fell asleep.

The former PhD student in chemical engineering allegedly made a graphic 24-second video showing co-accused biology graduate Jesse Burgoine, 28, appearing to have sex with the woman and taking pictures of her bottom at his city flat.


CO-ACCUSED: Jesse Burgoine was part of the WhatsApp group The Gruesome Threesome


Asked by solicitor-advocate Matthew Smith, if he recalled taking the graphic video and photos, Nepryahin said: “I don’t recall it but I accept it.”

Nepryahin and Burgoine, who met when they were members of the same rowing club at Newcastle University, were members of a WhatsApp chat group called The Gruesome Threesome.

The purpose of the group, Nepryahin told the jury was “just a little bit of a joke.”

He explained that the “three” referred to “three guys” in the group and “gruesome” was banter at the time.

Nepryahin, 25, of Liverpool, and Burgoine, 28, of Wrestlingworth, Beds., met up hours before the alleged attack on the woman.


They had been drinking in Nepryahin’s flat before heading to the Coco Tang club in Bridlesmith Gate, Notts., where they ordered drinks and chatted mainly about rowing techniques.

Burgoine, a professional rowing coach, then made a comment to Nepryahin about the woman who they would later take home.

In his evidence, Nepryahin said: “I suggested that he talks to her.

“I think he was too shy. I said to him, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’, she would say ‘no’?”

Nepryahin added: “Eventually, I put my hand out which the woman grabbed and I twirled her around, because I thought Jesse was not going to talk to her.”

Asked by Mr Smith if he found the woman attractive, he said: “I would say neutral. I wasn’t particularly repulsed by her, but there was nothing I found particularly attractive about her either.”

He said after this he thought Burgoine might have kissed the woman, and later how they danced with her, before going to his flat in a taxi.

Once back at his home he described the sexual activity that took place in his living room.

Mr Smith asked: “Did you take advantage of her being so drunk, so she could not consent.”

Nepryahin replied: “No, I don’t accept that.”

The jury also heard how the woman, who played dead during the incident, grabbed her clothing and fled after they had finished in December 2014.

She reported the incident to police and both men were arrested. They told officers it had been a consensual sexual encounter.

The trial continues.


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