FAILS Funny Pics


1. “Getting ready to shoot my first wedding of the season today and dropped a lens.”


2. When you drop your sculpture just before finishing it…


3. “Yes that stripe is what you think.”



4. “Driving home from work at 110km/h (60mph) and my front end started to shake a little. I drove the rest of the way home and found this…”


5. “Friend bought a new $500 speaker today, tripped on the stairs 4 stories up while carrying it above his head.”


6. “Well, fuck me then.”



7. “My Dad told me he got into ” a bit of a fender bender ” with his train , sends me this.”




9. “Had this tv for less than a month before this guy decides he wants to climb it…”



10. “RIP my favorite bowl.”


11. “Pro-tip: When transporting paint makes sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati.”


12. “I tried peeling off what I thought was a screen protector on my TV. It was the polarizer.”



13. “A friend’s cake was written on upside down resulting in some questionable balloons.”


14. “Spring has arrived in Alberta, Canada!”


15. “Never bake cookies in a crop top.”



16. “Don’t hide money filled Easter eggs in the oven.”


17. “The air fryer blew the cheese off my bread.”


18. “After over a year with the bowling alley closed, they finally opened up in my city. Waited more than 3 hours!! Opened the bag and this nice surprise was waiting for me..”



19. “I tripped and fell = matching casts.”


20. “Spilled hot chocolatey milk on my keyboard and mouse. Both are dead.”


21. “The ‘S’ fell off my Speedos, no more public pools then.”





23. “Back when I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.”


24. “What we found behind our built in wardrobe the other day :)”



25. Someone left their keyboard at the bus stop.

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