When The Sky Is At Your Feet: Deliberate Stall Testing Of A Boeing 717

This is pretty poor video quality—too bad it’s not HD.

So, this is not a simulator; it’s 100% REAL in-cockpit footage from the actual deliberate stall testing of Boeing’s last version of the 717—what most of us know as a the DC-9 (this variant flew in 1998–last produced in 2006–so, actually, a pretty “young” aircraft).

It was a deliberate test of a particular sort of mishandling of the aircraft—one in which they modeled what would happen if a ham-handed and misinformed pilot stalled the aircraft —having already run out of “control authority” on the way into the stall.

Apparently, because the DC-9 uses ailerons with trim tabs that pushed them around—and spoilers on the wing to control roll—a clueless pilot could make everything much, much worse at the moment of the stall—as a wing dropped away to one side and it rolled inverted (thus, the earth at your head and the sky at your feet…)–the ailerons having become ineffective and the attempts to control roll with the spoilers just accelerating the stall on one side and the resulting wing-drop.

I wonder how many Gs they pulled coming out of that? and how much altitude they lost?

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