When To Approach Your Wife For Sex

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*sigh* all this ’cause god forbid a woman actually verbalizes her wants and needs.

This is why we dump the entitled white bitch after she’s done her childbearing and get ourselves a hot young forever wife from North Asia.

My question is: WHY on earth would you marry an entitled bitch in the first place?
You marry her, you deserve what you get.

Good Lord, breaking news- women actually want sex. just don’t bug them when they are knackered or when a snot faced toddler is likely to interrupt. women enjoy, want and need sex just as much as men.

Hopefully she’s trying to be funny and not serious. Even If that is the case I still think she is saying what’s in her head but is trying to hide it behind humor.

Her problem is, she wants a slave not a partner (or a maid at the least). Without saying it, she implies that for her partner to have sex with her they must:

1. Clean the house (the way that she tells them to)
2. Don’t do it without her (to assuage any guilt)
3. Don’t make her do most of it or she will be too tired.

What about her partner? What if they are too tired?

Which leads me to my next issue. Her whole video is about when her partner wants sex with her. What about the other way around? Does she ever want to have sex with them? Should the Dad make a chart showing her odds of having sex? Before you say guys want it all the time I would say consider this:

If I just had to “help her” clean the house and listen to her complain about how I clean the sink or how I need to fold the towels “her way” the last thing I would want to do is have sex with her. I might want to choke her but not in a kinky sex sort of way.

I would run like hell from a woman like this. If I married her, had some kids and she turned into this, then I guess I would just hate my life.

She makes me appreciate the wonderful wife I do have!

You nailed it! It’s funny that men get the stereotype of wanting sex all the time and women don’t they want it just as much as we do. Especially if we’re good at it. Then you can’t keep them off you!

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