Where Do You Lie On The Introversion Scale?

Which sensory based memory naturally appeals to you most?

Our strongest memories often say a lot about who we are as people. Dig deep into your past to get to the root of who you are!

Where Do You Lie On The Introversion Scale?

One reply on “Where Do You Lie On The Introversion Scale?”

“95% Introvert, 5% Extrovert
According to your early memories during the most formative years of you’re life, you’re naturally heavily introverted. You find meeting new people tiring and often overwhelming, which causes making friends to be a bit difficult. Though, those who take the time to break through your tough exterior often tend to be friends for life. These relationships are not difficult for you to maintain or rely on, as long as you both remain understanding of each others needs. You find quiet time filled with self reflection and pursuing your interests the most fulfilling pastime and try to make sure that no matter what your day entails you set aside a few hours to focus on yourself.”

Only 95%? I am certifiably, pathologically a loner. If you put me in a nuclear sub on a 9 month voyage, I’d either spend 8 months and 30 days chained to the bulkhead in the back of the boat or I’d go nuts and eat the crew.

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