Sex in public places is something that loads of couples try – but where can you do it without getting a criminal conviction for indecency? There’s public toilets, on the beach, but where else? We’ve got a few ideas, you and your partner might like to try. Some are a bit quirky, even macabre, but hey, whatever floats ya boat!

The not-so guided tour

Ever taken a guided tour of an old building or been alone at a tourist attraction? You’ll find that there just might be an opportunity to sneak into a “staff only” or private room somewhere and get busy. Sex in public can take either a few minutes or a few hours. This is one of those locations where you need to be quick enough not to get caught!

Picture theatres

Sometimes there are sessions that are almost deserted. You can take advantage of these and have loads of foreplay. This is one of those rare locations that you can actually take your time, if you’re discreet enough. You might even find an empty theatre to sneak into and go for it right in front of the screen. Check the next session screening times though, so you don’t get interrupted by a sudden rush of miniature patrons arriving for the next viewing of the latest kids flick!

Transport and parking locations

All I’m going to say here is planes, trains and automobiles. Pick your time and place carefully and you can strike any type of transport off the list. There are masses of people in the mile-high club, so why not join them; particularly if you have a long night-time flight when the cabin crew turns out the lights.

You might want to try various car parks around the city. Sundays are usually the least busy day, so go exploring and see what you can find. Why not try out a county road rest stop or deserted road somewhere. If you are heading away for a romantic weekend, what a wicked way to start or finish it!


Now for some, this idea might be a tad disrespectful. For others, it might give be a winning combination of fear and passion they are after. The exasperation of having sex in public is heightened with a night-time romp in an old country cemetery when it’s eerie and spooky. They are usually deserted and provide another option, where you will probably be able to take a bit more time.

If you are a bit more adventurous, how about the local cemetery? There is security around these places though and, during the day, it’s incredible how crowded they can become. The last thing you want is to be caught by mourning family members. Now, that’s disrespectful! They do have beautiful gardens, however and lots of foliage to hide in should strangers happen to pass you by.

As you know, they are many places to have sex in public; these are just a few. You might want to start discreet, like a public toilet somewhere and get more adventurous. Many people who get caught usually get a warning and told to move on, rather than charged with a crime. It will certainly give the boys and girls in blue something to talk about back at the precinct! Avoid places where kids congregate, like playgrounds, and you should be good to go! So get out there are and put that spark back in your sex life.



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