Which Of The 6 Types Of Thinkers Are You?

Which Of The 6 Types Of Thinkers Are You?

How does YOUR mind work? Are you a dreamer or a disruptor? Maybe the natural born leader? Let’s find out which of the 6 types of thinkers you are!

Which Of The 6 Types Of Thinkers Are You?

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The Detailer

You’re the detailer! This type digs into every facet of a project. You focus on practicalities and save everyone else from silly mistakes and fatal design flaws because you think through all the angles and implications. You identify what’s missing in even the best-laid plans and can diagnose the precise point when something could break or be improved. You’re truly a life saver!

You’re the debater! You question your assumptions, call out your leap of faith logic and point out the flaws in the plan. You play devil’s advocate and take pride in challenging others to improve their ideas. You see problems long before others, and you keep everyone grounded and prepared. Your questioning nature forces others to strengthen the rigor of their arguments. You are essential to any social group or work environment!

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