Who’s Hotter? 25 Cosplayers Compared To The Real Characters

Cosplaying has really solidified itself as a staple for conventions and similar gatherings. But the pastime has gotten so popular that people often take to the internet to find and support their favorite cosplayers. It’s gotten to the point that it’s no longer just everyday people taking to conventions to show off their threads, but actual models that make a living off of dressing up as these fictional characters. Some are relatively new to the scene while others are seasoned pros whose experience in the field goes back nearly two decades, back when cosplaying was still a hobby for most people.

A lot of these popular cosplayers like to masquerade around as video game and anime characters, with the former being a popular choice for conventions and other events. All of the ladies on this list are beautiful, but they’re also talented and pay a lot of attention to making their costumes as realistic and high quality as possible. One sometimes has to wonder who looks better when observing some of these cosplays. Is it the fictional character or the person cosplaying them? While that’s a tough decision to make, we’ll let you decide while putting in some input of our own.

25. Aza Miyuko – D.Va

Korean cosplayer Aza Miyuko has been around for a number of years and has the honor of being the first entry on our list. An experienced cosplayer, Aza is pretty adept at her craft and seems to get her D.Va cosplay pretty much down pat – looking almost exactly like the Overwatch favorite.

D.Va is a pretty popular character in the video game community right now despite being a relatively new addition to it. Her competitive and simultaneously laid back nature really resonates with a lot of fans out there, as does her hardcore gaming lifestyle. She’s an absolute cutie too so that’s definitely getting her points with the fans.

24. Mari Evans – Misty

Moonlighting as a fitness model to go along with her cosplaying career, Russian Mari Evans is a pretty damn good looking girl. She’s known for her overtly ‘adult’ cosplay and has taken on a number of different salacious characters to embody, looking fantastic no matter who she chooses to cosplay as.

Many gamers will probably remember Misty from the Pokémon anime as opposed to her game appearances. They might have the same name, but the characters are essentially different in terms of personality as the Misty in the anime gets way more development. She was one of the most memorable companions Ash has had on his adventures and remains a fan favourite.

23. Crystal Graziano – Female Sheppard

When it comes to the cosplay community, Crystal Graziano is a pretty well-known face among those well versed in its main players. She’s done a number of different, fantastic cosplay and really excels with variety. Be it a full set of armor or a bikini clad warrior, she looks great in either and has a knack for getting every detail as you can see by this commander Sheppard cosplay. Female Sheppard is still one of the more popular female RPG heroines to date and has a huge following in the Mass Effect community. It’s easy to see why she’s so appealing to gamers as she can kick butt and look great doing it. Crystal is a staggeringly talented young woman.

22. Lua Stardust – Cammy

Lua Stardust is many things, but you can’t say that she isn’t beautiful. The cosplayer / Suicide Girl/alternative model is incredibly versatile and is probably one of the more experienced on this list. She’s gone through a number of different characters and always manages to shine with confidence on camera – making her cosplaying that much better.

Cammy is one of the more popular girls in the Street Fighter franchise and like many of the women in the game can hold her own with ease. Her iconic look is something many cosplayers have tried to get down, but not one that all can properly pull off due to athletic build. Lua does an incredibe job replicating the Street Fighter character.

21. Grellka Loli – Cynthia 

We’re going a little bit out in the world with this next entry on our list. You meet all kinds of people from all over the world when interacting with cosplayers – take Grellka Loli for example; she’s actually from the Ukraine. But her love of cosplaying has reached many fans in the West and with the effort and attention to detail she puts into her costumes it’s no surprise.

The Witcher series has its fair share of beautiful ladies. One that didn’t have all too big a role though was Cynthia. A talented mage, Cynthia is incredibly good looking, and because of that, is able to situate herself right in the middle of the action throughout the second game.

20. Meagan Marie – Anya Stroud

Meagan Marie is a fantastic cosplayer. There’s no way around that. Aside from her incredible looks, Megan also seems to put a great deal of effort into her costumes as they’re all incredibly detailed and look to be very high quality. Looking good is great, but it’s often the effort put into a costume that really makes a cosplay successful.

Anya Stroud is arguably the best looking woman in the entire Gears of War franchise, and if not then she’s certainly one of the most recognizable. Her blonde hair and delicate features kind of make her seem out of place in the games until you see just how awesome she is at handling herself.

19. Kristen Lanae – Ciri

Kristen Lanae is a multitalented cosplayer who started off in the gaming community and quickly made the transition to cosplaying shortly after. The 26-year-old beauty has been cosplaying for a while and has done a number of different characters in that time. None are as good as her Ciri, however, as it shows just how high-quality her cosplays can be.

As previously touched upon, The Witcher series has some pretty beautiful ladies. It’s infamous for the amount of attractive ladies you can interact with and romance – to a point that that aspect has gotten the game a good deal of publicity. Among all the women in the series, Ciri is one of the most enticing. With her long silky hair and gentle looks, she’s one of the more innocent looking one’s you’ll see.

18. Omi Gibson – Catherine

Omi Gibson is a pretty well known Japanese cosplayer who sometimes goes for some more racy and explicit cosplays. Some of her work is a little NSFW, but a lot of it is in good taste. So when you see her cosplaying a character like Catherine, you know that she’s going to do a good job of it.

Catherine is, of course, the titular character of the Atlus game of the same name. Throughout the entirety of the game, the player can either make decisions that accept or deny her advances. It’s pretty much her job to tempt you, and she does a damn good job of it. Considering Catherine exists to tempt the player, consider this a win-win.

17. Miyuki Cosplay – Anne Takamaki

Here’s a relatively low-key cosplayer for you all. Miyuki Cosplay is an up and coming cosplayer from Vancouver, Canada and has done some pretty impressive work in her short time. Her costumes are well detailed and look like a lot of effort was put into making them, while Miyuki just looks absolutely gorgeous.

One of the main heroines in the latest addition to the Persona series, Anne Takamaki has a radiant looking design that stands out among the games cast. From her noticeable appearance among her fellow Phantom Thieves to her seductive outfit – Anne is one of the best looking girls in the entire franchise.

16. HezaChan – I-No

HezaChan is an American cosplayer who has a number of great, detailed cosplays under her belt. The Ohio native has been around since 2001, going to a multitude of different conventions and in that time has cosplayed as dozens of characters, mainly those from anime and video games.

I-No is a mysterious character from the Guilty Gear series that first makes her appearance as the boss of the third game. This rockish bruiser isn’t one to be looked down upon, as she can handle herself pretty well in a fight. Her unique and flashy design makes her one of the most memorable characters in the series. Seeing her come to life will take your breath away.

15. Vera Chimera – Tracer

There are plenty of veterans and newcomers to this list, but Vera is a newcomer who has been gaining speed recently in the cosplaying community. She’s portrayed a multitude of iconic game heroines, but her best effort to date has to be this Tracer cosplay, which she gets down pat.

Another Overwatch heroine on this list, this time it has to be the most recognizable. If D.Va is the fan favourite then Tracer is the game’s mascot, easily being one of the most iconic in the game. Her chipper attitude and sporty look make her a breath of fresh air to fans. Fans have been fantasizing about Tracer for some time, and here she is looking better than ever.

14. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais – Rainbow Mika

We’ve already seen one Canadian cosplayer on this list, and now we turn to one of the most well known out there. Hailing from the Province of Quebec, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is well known in the cosplaying community for her rather generous figure and has cosplayed as a number of well-known game, anime, and comic book characters.

One of the most absurdly dressed and blatantly fan service characters in the Street Fighterseries, Rainbow Mika has her fair share of fans out there. It’s hard to imagine her unique appearance not attracting attention when you realize just how skimpy it is. But she’s a fun character nonetheless.

13. Kay Bear Cosplay – Rikku

One of the youngest and more inexperienced cosplayers on our list, Kay Bear Cosplay is proving herself to be a quick riser in the community. She’s already gotten herself a good following due to how great her work is and is establishing herself as quite the force to be reckoned with in the community.

Rikku is one of the more energetic and happy go lucky characters in Final Fantasy X and is pretty much a breath of fresh air throughout the game. Though she isn’t as well known as Yuna, Rikku has a pretty good fan base and is one of the most recognizable characters from those games.

12. Alyson Tabbitha – Lightning

Alyson Tabbitha is known not only for her skills as a cosplayer but as a makeup artist as well. Though she can pull off pretty much any look given the right clothing, her real skill lies in just how good she is at transforming herself with cosmetics. In the world of cosplaying she’s certainly a dual threat.

While she is a very appealing character in terms of visuals, Lightning has pretty much split the Final Fantasy fan base when it comes to determining whether or not she’s a good main character. She’s a little too moody and cold and kind of resembles Cloud in that regard, though it seems like she isn’t as well liked or iconic. Alyson looks like she just stepped out of a video game with her cosplay.

11. Stella Chuu – Ivy Valentine

Stella Chu is one of the most attractive women you’ll see on this list. In terms of all the other cosplayers you’ll see here, Stella is a bit of a special case in regards to what kind of cosplaying she practices. It’s called “Burlesque Cosplay” and you can probably put two and two together with that one.

Ivy Valentine is one of the most recognizable characters in the entire Soulcalibur franchise and that’s most likely due to her eye-grabbing attire. Like most of the women on this list, Ivy is a talented fighter and manages to mix both toughness and sex appeal in her design and wardrobe.

10. Giulietta Zawadzki – Bayonetta

Unlike most cosplayers on this list, Giulietta Zawadzki has a degree in the Fine Arts. While most treat it as a hobby, there are those like Giulietta who go all in and really make a career of dressing up as fictional characters. As you can see from this Bayonetta cosplay, she’s incredibly skilled and looks identical to the characters she’s impersonating.

Though she’s relatively new to the scene compared to certain others on this list, you could make the case for Bayonetta being one of the most recognizable women in video games today. It’s a given then that she’d be a popular choice for cosplay. With her fantastic looks and sultry personality, she’s become pretty popular among the gaming community.

9. Disharmonica – Triss Merigold

Another Russian beauty, Disharmonica is known for pulling off some pretty racy cosplays. While her attention to detail is excellent, it’s her flashy costumes that really get fans going. While she’s cosplayed as a ton of well-known characters, it’s her Triss Merigold cosplay that really establishes her as a top tier cosplayer.

One of the most prominent characters in the entire Witcher game franchise, Triss Merigold might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Though talented as a sorceress, Triss is also pretty devious and it’s hard to completely trust her. Though that doesn’t take away from her fantastic looks.

8. Yaya Han – Chun-Li

We now come to one of the more experienced ladies on this list. She might not look like it, but Yaya Han is actually close to 40 and looks absolutely great. She’s pretty well known in the community and has actually been doing this for nearly 20 years. Despite having cosplayed as a bunch of famous characters, her Chun-Li cosplay is the most iconic.

One of video games’ most kickass babes, Chun-Li is pretty well known among the video game community. Aside from being able to take down her fair share of opponents, Chun-Li is also well known for her incredible looks and is a popular cosplay option because of her iconic style.

Yaya might be a well-experienced veteran in the cosplay community, but Chun-Li takes the win here.

7. Byndo Gehk- Cindy Aurum

Though not all that much is known about her, Byondo Gehk is gaining some steam in the cosplay community and is a pretty well-known model. Aside from normal cosplay, Byndo also pulls off some pretty racy stuff as well. It’s tasteful and goes pretty well with the characters she chooses to cosplay as.

Though she doesn’t have that much of a prominent role in the game, Cindy was one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy XV – if only due to her incredible design and eye-catching good looks. Cindy is pretty dedicated to her work, and that only adds to her charm and appeal.

6. Enji Night – Kasumi

In the short time she’s been active, Enji Night has had herself a pretty decent career thus far. The Hungarian beauty started off back in 2011 and has done well for herself. She’s cosplayed as a wide variety of characters, but this Kasumi cosplay is her best by far.

The most known character in the Dead or Alive franchise, Kasumi is one of gaming’s sweethearts and is popular among fans as a result. As beautiful as she is compassionate, Kasumi is pretty recognizable even among those not familiar with the games. While beautiful, she can also handle herself well in a fight – only increasing her charm.

5. Alodia Gosiengfiao – Morrigan Aensland

Out of all the people on this list, Alodia Gosiengfiao is probably the most successful of them all. Starting out as a cosplayer, the Filipina model quickly gained recognition not only among the cosplaying community but in the entertainment industry as well. Cosplaying served as the gateway to a number of film, television and endorsement opportunities that have made the 29-year-old beauty a huge success.

While she’s one of the most recognizable characters in the entire Darkstalkers franchise, Morrigan Aensland isn’t your typical good guy. In fact, she isn’t really a good guy at all, more of an anti-hero. Beautiful, confident and a little conceited, Morrigan’s nature as a succubus makes her appeal to a wide range of fans – which is obvious given her popularity.

4. Jessica Nigri – Juliet Starling

She’s probably the most well-known cosplayer in the world right now. Though most of her fans might not even be into cosplay, Jessica Nigri has managed to ensnare a large number of people with her good looks and charisma. Whether it’s anime characters, video game heroines or anything in between, Jessica looks great and brings a ton of energy to the table.

Jessica’s most well-recognized cosplay is unsurprisingly her Juliet Starling one. The two share a deep resemblance and have similar upbeat personalities. The Lollipop Chainsawheroine might not be as well known as some of the other women on this list, but is still pretty popular considering the short amount of time she’s been around.

3. SuperMaryFace – Lara Croft

SuperMaryFace might not be a cosplayer all of you know that well, but she’s been pretty active as a model for a number of years. Of course like many online models that dipped into cosplaying at one point and she’s done a number of comic book, anime, and video game characters. Lara Croft is one of the most iconic video game characters out there and was once one of the most popular in the industry. She’s gone through a makeover in recent years, and really, she seems better off in her current iteration – which seems to be a hit with the fans as well. Lara is such a beautiful character it’s hard to imagine anyone looking as attractive as here, and then you see someone like SuperMaryFace.

2. Vampy Bit Me – Tifa Lockhart

Linda Le – also known among the cosplay community as Vampy Bit Me – is one of the most experienced cosplayers on this list. Much like Yaya Han, Linda is getting close to her 40s, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her. She looks fantastic and her cosplays are so detailed that it’s often hard to tell the difference between her and the character she’s portraying.

The tomboyish Tifa Lockhart is a pretty well-known character in the video game world. One of the more prominent characters in Final Fantasy VII Tifa has established herself as one of gaming’s most popular ladies. Her great looks along with her tough but sympathetic nature make her all the more appealing to fans.

1. Katyuska MoonFox – 2B

The last entries on our list, Katyusuka is one great cosplayer who’s completely dedicated to her craft. The Australian-born model began cosplaying back in 2007 and at only 23 years old, has already achieved a good deal. This beauty isn’t all looks though. She’s currently studying game development and looks like she’ll be involved in the industry in some way or another for a while.

2B’s popularity seems to have shot up seemingly overnight as the NieR: Automata protagonist is now one of the most popular characters in video games. Though we’ll have to see just how popular she is down the line, it seems that 2017 saw the birth of another female powerhouse in the video game industry.

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