Why Are Egyptian Themed Slots Popular?

Everyone loves a slot game. With bright colours, fast rounds and plenty of bonus features tempting you with a big win, there is always plenty to love! The public has adored slot games ever since Charles Augustus Fey introduced his famous Liberty Bell to the saloons of San Francisco in 1899.
Nowadays, online casinos are packed with slot games of all varieties. Players are truly spoiled for choice.

Themes You Are Likely to See

When trying to choose a slot game, there will be some common themes you are likely to find. Since as a player you are always hoping to land a big win and seek out some fantastic treasure, slot developers frequently decide to incorporate these treasure seeking themes into their games.
Placing them in history allows for interesting motifs to get used. With a slot game, you can travel to any time or place you choose. Head to the height of the Aztec empire, or to the great Californian Gold Rush.
Don’t forget about the special holidays too! Come Easter, Halloween or Christmas, you are always going to find a relevant slot. Whether you want to grab the candy from a spooktacular skeleton, hunt the Easter Eggs, or collect presents to go under the tree, there is always plenty for you to do.

The Pyramids of Egypt

All About Egypt

One of the more popular themes we see cropping up time and time again is Ancient Egypt. Who wouldn’t want to travel back to all the luxury and magnificence of these great dynasties? With the beauty of Cleopatra and the kitsch of mummies to play with, the slot developers have plenty of material to draw from to make you some fantastic games.
Cleopatra is often used as she is one of the most recognisable figures from Ancient Times. Although she actually lived closer to our times than the construction of the famous pyramids, she remains a key symbol of the Ancient Egyptian era for both men and women; hence so much of her appeal.
Certain symbols like mummies are also extremely popular after films like The Mummy franchise and those from Hammer House of Horror. Whether they are serious in a horror film or a bunch of fun in a slapstick comedy, they are a key aspect of Ancient Egypt.
Finally, think of Ancient Egypt and you think of the wealth of the pharaohs. Just remember everything that was buried with Tutankhamun! If you would like a slice of this amazing lifestyle, slots offer you the perfect chance to grab your own pile of riches.

What are Some of the Popular Games?

There are so many Egyptian themed slots out there that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are what we think to be some of the best out on the market:
Rise of the Pharaohs – With famous faces like Cleopatra and the mask of Tutankhamun, this slot has free spins and some fantastic bonuses which you are sure to love. If you are looking for a great place to start your Egyptian journey, the Rise of the Pharaohs slot is the ideal game for you!

Book of Dead – Join the Indiana Jones-esque Rich Wilde as he hunts some lost artefacts in the depths of the Egyptian tombs. This slot has remained a favourite amongst players since its launch in 2014 and we are certain that it won’t be slipping away any time soon.

Cleopatra – IGT’s contribution to the many, many games named for the enigmatic Queen of the Nile is undoubtedly the best and the most well-loved. Based on the slot machine so frequently found in land-based casinos, you can hope to find some big wins here!

Wild Scarabs – With their fingers in so many other pies, we could of course expect to find a Microgaming slot somewhere on this list. Wild Scarabs offers great wins all centred around that mysterious insect which features so heavily in Egyptian iconography.

Coins of Egypt – Last, but certainly not least, we have NetEnt’s offer. This game is as brilliant as any you can expect from the industry heavyweight and features a range of different bonus games for you to explore.

Back into the Tomb

De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt, it’s the state you will find yourself in if you think Egyptian slots are worth a miss!
These slot games draw on a rich history in both mechanics and theme. Whether you are looking at it from the angle of an update on Fey’s classic design or a retelling of Cleopatra, one of the most amazing women to have ever walked this earth, you are truly spoilt for choice.
We are certain that people are always going to want to play Egyptian slots and so the developers will keep releasing them. We would love to see some slots based on some of the other aspects of Ancient Egypt. A slot game with Set as the villain could be as fun and campy as any other on the market.
If you are a newcomer to the world of slots, you most definitely need to get stuck into the world of Ancient Egypt!

Images – Pixabay


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