Why It’s More Expensive To Be Poor

It’s not just a matter of having less money. For many people below the poverty line, some goods and services can actually be MORE expensive. How can that be?


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Some of the poverty trap causes are peculiar to the USA, or at least worse there, such as medical debt, fines and the legal system, and crippling student loans.

Often these traps are made by well meaning legislators who try to fix things without raising taxes, by engineering ways for the poor to borrow and balancing the bad credit with giving lenders loopholes.

First, you have to build a fundamentally equal society, then eliminate the traps. To actually do so would go so far to the left of even what Bernice Sanders is suggesting that he would be calling us commies.

Because poor people aren’t necessarily stupid, maybe we should replace the stinking rich and often corrupt politicians with the ones that know what the problems are and have a better understanding of the solutions needed to correct what is wrong with this nation. In short….elect the poorer smart people into leadership positions…

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