Why Recycling Is One Big Scam


Just because a plastic product says its recyclable doesn’t mean it will actually get recycled.

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You shipped all your shit to Asia because Americans won’t work cheaply enough to make it profitable. Asia can’t make money from it either, except by putting it in their own landfills. So their governments outlawed imports, but you wouldn’t even take it back, so many shippers could not offload the plastic anywhere. A few years later, you noticed the ocean was full of plastic. Oooh, I wonder how it got there? The ocean is full of all the other waste too, but plastic floats. Now you have no straws and shopping bags because do gooders did petitions. The straws and bags are a rounding error on the problem.

What you really need to do is what Japan and other countries did. You need to is to pass laws to force consumers to sort all their rubbish and pay exorbitant prices for municipal disposal bags. Ban all public trash cans. That way, recycling would be profitable, even at first world labour prices. The cost in time and money will be so high for consumers that they will avoid packaging like the plague. It’ll cost significant money to throw away an Amazon shipping box. Maybe you lot will even buy less stuff and waste less food. It will screw your retail economy and make everyone poorer, but that is the only way to pollute less and make less landfills.

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