Wife Baits Cheating Husband Then Severs His Penis

In Thailand, a wife went to town on her cheating husband genitals with a box cutter, almost severing it and leaving him bloody.


A wife came home after a long day of selling chicken to find out her husband was banging her best friend. She confronted him about it and that’s when the screaming started. It’s completely understandable for her to be upset after hearing the news, what she did next is just not how this type of situation needs to be handled.

After calming down from the arguing the wife forgave her husband and started flirting with him. She was able to get his pants off and started some oral sex, everything went south from there. Mid stroke the wife then whipped out a box cutter and started slashing away. The husband screamed in pain as blood was spraying everywhere.

via the Mirror:

She then started performing oral sex on him when he got aroused before whipping out a box cutter and slicing his willy.

Blood sprayed everywhere as shocked Somchai screamed in pain, she added.

She then called for an ambulance and went with him to Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya, Thailand.

Doctors said Somchai, also a chicken street vendor in the resort popular with Brits, had lost a lot of blood and would need close supervision.


At least she wasn’t psychotic enough to leave him there bleeding to death. The wife called for an ambulance and even accompanied him to the hospital where she admitted this whole story to the doctors. The hospital reported that the husband lost a severe amount of blood and needed close supervision, it is unknown whether or not he would ever regain the full use of his penis.




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