Woman Accused Of Lying About Five Kids After Posting Sexy Bikini Selfies


This mum has had five children and people can’t seem to get their heads round the fact she’s given birth. 

Super fit mum Simone Gately has had five children, but harsh critics are saying she’s never been pregnant and are judging her on her incredible fitness snaps.

The 35-year-old shares selfies showing off her fitness regime, as well as posts from her family life with her flock of children and commenters can’t cope.

One said:

Keeping up a workout regime worth (sic) kids that small is impressive in itself but I wonder if her body went through the toll of birthing a child.

However, Simone has hit back at those questioning whether she carried the children herself or whether she had a surrogate.

The mum from Halifax claims she doesn’t even go to the gym to get her body in shape, instead opting for a DIY routine at home.


Simone – who also happens to be a personal trainer – was pregnant five times in six years and told the Mail online how she managed to tone up so quickly after giving birth.

She said:

I had just one year between two of my pregnancies and even in this time I managed to get my tummy back to normal by 3 to 4 months post baby.

I didn’t have time to slave away in a gym so my routine post pregnancy was always at home and only when I had the time and energy.

It started with walking to get some activity pushing a pram while the baby slept then I built up to jogging once I had my post baby 6 week check up.

I have some quick and simple tummy exercises that really work that only require about 10 minutes a day if that.

Despite her crazily hectic daily routine, Simone insists she’s a ‘normal’ mum just like anyone else.

She starts her day by getting up at 6am for a 40 minute run – yep, just like everybody there then – before making breakfast at 7am for her children.

At 8am, she battles making packed lunches while applying make-up and finding all the things the kids need for their school day.

I have a film crew landing at my house tomorrow ???for 3 days to film my family life for a big TV show and how I fit my FITNESS regime in and around it ? I am obsessed with my @womensbest pre booster workout drink. I am trying the @womensbest beauty collagen drink right now and can't wait to tell you guys what I think. ? I'm so busy right now I'm supplementing my workouts and food as I need all the help I can get ?? #supermom #gymbunny #womensbest #fitmom #fitmum #fitgirls #bodygoals #fitspo #fitfam #fitspiration #model #fitnessmotivation #gymaddict #weightloss #bbg #gains #pregnancy #fit #fitness #6pack #abs #girlswholift #diet #workout #healthy #muscles @fitmomsclub @mywomensbest @ukwomenshealth #motivation #goals #family #exercise

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She said:

I try and get the children dressed make sure (sic) they have bags, sports kit, musical instruments and their lunches.

8.39am after spending 30 minutes trying to find 5 pairs of shoes which often are missing open the door to leave and grab a hat to cover my hair which I won’t have had time to brush.

9am having taken 4 out of the 5 children to school I will come home with my 3 year old do housework.

So after a day of looking after a three-year-old and tackling the housework, she walks her dog and then takes on the hefty task of making dinner for seven people.

Once all the kids are back home, there’s more housework and homework, before she spends the evening ferrying her children to and from different activities.

She added:

Women shouldn’t feel pressure to spring back into shape straight after having babies and should take time to settle into motherhood.

I am like any other normal mum who works and juggles the busy lives of her children by taking my brood to over 30 activities a week with no help from outside sources.

The fact she does all of that and works out on top is pretty damn phenomenal. How on earth does she have the time?

Of course women should be free to embrace their bodies post-pregnancy however they want to, there shouldn’t be any pressure, which Simone rightly points out.

Her commitment and dedication is something that can’t be argued with. Impressive stuff.



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