Woman Aggressively Dragged Off Plane After Failing To Prove She’s Allergic To Dogs

Here’s your disturbing airline customer service nightmare video of the day.

A woman was aggressively pushed off a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles on Tuesday because she demanded that two dogs be removed from the plane. According to the airline, the woman told the crew that she had a life-threatening allergy to dogs, but failed to provide documentation.

“Our policy states that a Customer (without a medical certificate) may be denied boarding if they report a life-threatening allergic reaction and cannot travel safely with an animal onboard,” the airline’s statement said.

After the crew allegedly tried to escort her out peacefully, “law enforcement became involved,” Southwest explained.

As per usual, a passenger recorded the whole incident on their phone, in which you can hear the flight attendants telling them all to stop.

In the video, you hear the woman telling officers, “My dad has a surgery,” and her repeatedly telling the officers, “Don’t touch me.”

Another passenger very sympathetically heckles the ordeal with “Jeez lady, get off the plane.”

“If you look at the police, they were being overly aggressive,” Bill Dumas, the guy who recorded the incident, told CBSLA.

Southwest Airlines issued the following apology:


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