Woman Asks Internet To Help Her Identify A Dead Cat – Then Things Take A Weird Turn

The latest exchange on Facebook that is going viral on Twitter (a social media sensation!) comes courtesy of the entire Halifax, Yorkshire community.

Resident Karen Griffith posted on a page for locals called “50 Shades of Halifax,” describing an incident that’s’ way more violent than the original Fifty Shades: a dead cat in the middle of the road.

Don’t shoot the messenger: Karen was just alerting the neighborhood that a cat has sadly been reduced to road kill. The conversation gets weirder from here, as a dude named Filip has some specific, strange questions about the cat corpse.

My dude really has no idea what’s going on, or how death and time work.

Filip’s strange questions make hilarious lemonade out of the dead cat lemon.

Here’s where things get the most absurd: Why share a picture of a cat when you could post a picture of a dog?

“Like that but cat” quickly became a viral meme.

What’s black and white and cat all over?

The search for Tommo went on.

There’s still no word on Tommo’s whereabouts, or whether Filip is trolling us all, but we wish them both the best.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them both.


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