Woman Assaults “Internet Troll” After Discussing Why He Was Talking Sh*t on Facebook

Threats on the internet don’t translate well into real life, this asshole learns this in the most embarrassing way.

This internet troll thought it would be a good idea to meet the woman he threatened in a public place. After telling her on a Facebook post that he was going to beat her in front of her kids and calling her a ‘whore’ she invited him to a local Starbucks to talk it out.

She definitely wanted to talk it out, after calling him out in front of the whole store she threw water in his face and stormed out. He was absolutely livid but he was too much of a coward to back up his threats.

Watch the whole incident below:


Woman Assaults “Internet Troll” After Discussing Why He Was Talking Sh*t on Facebook

3 replies on “Woman Assaults “Internet Troll” After Discussing Why He Was Talking Sh*t on Facebook”

We don’t know what happened before the video while they were online. We only know for sure what happened in the video.

From this vid it’s easy to see they are both raging fucking idiots. But most definitely she’s the worse of the two.
Stupid artsy feminist double standard contradictions. She starts off by saying he shouldn’t talk bad to women. Specifically women. But her “art” she says is about how women aren’t treated equal. So which is it supposed to be? Treat women different or equal?
I say equal. Then she could get punched in the face just like a man after she assaulted him.

No doubt he’s a asshole too, but at least he was reasonable up to the point of her assaulting him.

Why on earth would anyone ever meet up with someone they fought with online? If you can’t settle it with words online you aren’t gonna settle it with words IRL…at least online you can’t get physical.

Thank god for dummies airing their stupidity online.!

Think how dull the world would be without the pathologically stupid cannon fodder that make up a significant proportion of the populace.

I know, right? Society has formed a perfect trifecta of idiots, cameras everywhere and the willingness of those idiots with their cameras to air their lives on the internet so I can feel better about myself and waste time at work.

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