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Woman Is Behind Bars For Banging A Pit Bull (The Dog, Not The Rapper), Is Awaiting Sentencing

Woman Is Behind Bars For Banging A Pit Bull (The Dog, Not The Rapper), Is Awaiting Sentencing



Jenna Louis Driscoll is currently behind bars and awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to the crimes of Bestiality and 3 additional drug-related charges. 27-year-old Jenna is hot, or at least she appears to be hot in the pictures that have been circulating across news outlets reporting on the time she fucked a dog and got arrested for it:

Jenna Louis Driscoll, 27, pleaded guilty to bestiality and three drugs-related charges in Brisbane District Court in August.
The sentencing for her offences was reserved, with the judge saying the acts of bestiality were ‘repulsive’ and ‘against the order of nature’.
The charges arose after police discovered disturbing video of Driscoll performing the obscene act while they were investigating unrelated allegations back in 2014.
During her court appearance in October 2014 she arrived accompanied by an unnamed man and a dog, believed to be a pitbull terrier.
Defence lawyer James Godbolt said Driscoll had sex with the dog at the request of her former partner and had been publically shamed.
Driscoll was remanded in custody to await sentencing by Judge Terry Martin after she also admitted stabbing someone with a fork, biting a child and trafficking cannabis.
RSPCA Queensland said at the time: ‘This isn’t something you’d normally expect, it’s quite unusual.

That’s one hell of an astute quote from the RSPCA. They are correct, this is unusual. It’s not every day you find a woman behind bars for stabbing someone with a fork, trafficking weed and fucking a dog because their boyfriend asked them to. In fact, I’d say that this is the very definition of abnormal behavior.

One peculiar twist to this story is that bestiality isn’t actually covered under Australia’s animal cruelty laws. So even though this chick’s been charged with the actual crime of bestiality for fucking her dog the RSPCA isn’t able to remove the dog from her custody because bestiality isn’t a clear violation of their animal cruelty laws….Pretty ass backwards if you ask me.

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Holy crap, this actually didn’t go down in Southern California! Read most all of the article just assuming!!!

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