Woman Busted For Impersonating Ex’s New Wife, Posting Rape Fantasy Ads On Craigslist


Everyone handles breakups differently. Some spend a few months emotionally eating before downloading Tinder and getting back on that horse. Others get arrested after impersonating their ex-boyfriend’s new wife on Craigslist for posting ads soliciting rape fantasy sex. Michelle Suzanne Hadley, 29, of Ontario, California went the latter route.

According to KABC-TV, Hadley spent 2013 to 2015 dating an unnamed U.S. Marshals Service agent before that man eventually married someone else. Hadley apparently didn’t take the breakup well, because she allegedly started a harassment campaign against her ex’s pregnant wife, which included threats against both the wife and her unborn child. After Hadley was served with a restraining order in June of 2016, authorities suspected her harassment campaign took a severe turn.

The jilted ex now stands accused of impersonating the wife, “Jane Doe,” in Craigslist “rape fantasy” ads.


She is suspected of replying to the men with photos and details of Doe’s daily routine. During this time, authorities said Hadley would tell the men who responded to her that she wanted them to have forcible sex with her, even if she screamed or resisted.

Authorities said several of the men who responded to Hadley showed up at Doe’s home with the intent of raping her, but were unsuccessful.

One of the men who responded and arrived at Doe’s home physically attacked her, but fled when she was able to call for help. Anaheim police were notified of the ongoing situation and started an investigation.

Hadley was arrested and currently faces life behind bars on charges that include six counts of attempted forcible rape. Now, Michael Hadley, her father, is speaking out and accusing his daughter’s ex for framing her.

The Daily Beast spoke to Michael Hadley, who claimed that his daughter’s ex set up the whole Craigslist operation to get out of a lawsuit his daughter filed over a condo the former couple purchased together.

“The marshal knows her email address,” Michael Hadley said. “They were going to get married. They got the condo and everything else and it all fell apart. This is where it all starts.”

Court documents filed within the restraining order petition reveal the trail of disturbing emails Hadley initially sent to her ex and Jane Doe.

From The Daily Beast:

One Sept. 10, 2015 missive even had “Gone Girl” as the subject line.

“You know exactly how God, the Word of God, the Spirit of God are involved with the condo. We both do,” Hadley rants, according to court papers.

“Your end will come, and you will relinquish the keys to the earth,” she continues. “Earth is mine, and the title deed to earth belongs to me… There will be no resolution outside of court unless you are willing to bow before the Lord your God.

“If you are not, then prepare yourself Satan. So let it be written. So let it be done.”
The deputy replies at one point, “I am not sure how God, the Bible, or again, my childhood, has any relevance to the condo and mortgage.”

Hadley was arrested by Anaheim police on June 24, but was released on the same day after posting the $100,000 bail. While out on bail, she allegedly continued harassing Jane Doe with emails and via her Craigslist rape fantasy ads. She was tossed back in jail and remains there on a $1 million bond.



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