As the tech sheeple flock to pick up the new iPhone in the Black Friday sales, one woman has been duped and the subterfuge has gone viral.

This unsuspecting victim was tricked into buying what she thought was an iPhone but was actually 11 potatoes, and shared her feelings on the scam to LiveLeak.

You can watch the footage of her reaction to the sack of veg in the footage below:

The unidentified victim for Milwaukee said she was scammed out of $100 by a man driving a black truck with balloons and a sign taped to it reading: ‘Black Friday sale.’

She recalled:

They have everything you could name: clothes, shoes, watches, purse, bundles of hair, DVDs, CDs — everything — phones, laptops.

So, I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he’s like, ‘Ah yeah, today, I will give it to you for $100’.

Admittedly, sometimes there’s a bargain to be had from your local van man, and although this guy doesn’t sound like a legitimate Apple outlet, I’m no cynic.

But sometimes things are just too good to be true and there’s no such thing as a free lunch or a $100-iPhone.

The poor woman learned this little life lesson the hard way, opening up her shiny new gadget box to find nothing but a bunch of seemingly mouldy chopped up spuds, perfectly cut up to fit neatly into the box, where her new phone should have been sitting.

Shockingly, the conman told her the ‘phone’ was already activated and the first bill was due in mid-December.

She asked him to take a look at it and he handed her a phone which was in good condition, playing up to the lie even further.

The victim even asked him to call it to double-check it was working — and it rang. She handed over $100 and left with a box containing what she thought was her iPhone and a receipt.

Not only did he sell her a box of potatoes – perfectly weighted just like Indiana Jones’ and his sack of sand in the Temple of Doom – but he packed it with an android charger, adding insult to injury.

Threatening to find the man responsible, the woman added:

What the heck am I supposed to do with this!? I am so hurt right now imma have to go to jail…

Let’s be honest, $100 would barely buy you a charger and cable in an Apple Store. I vote Tim Cook give her a phone for her troubles, after posting what is potentially the most disappointing unboxing video the internet has ever seen.

Hopefully she get’s a full refund and is able to make good of the fiasco with a lovely plate of roasties.


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