Woman Called Out On LinkedIn After She Goes Bonkers On Dude For Dishwasher Joke

Woman Called Out On LinkedIn After She Goes Bonkers On Dude For Dishwasher Joke

It’s tough making professional contacts when you go out of your way to call someone a c***, but that’s exactly what a woman named Jane Hobson did recently after she came across some dude making a dishwasher joke. Let me explain.

A man named Mathew Caine decided to make a joke about his wife’s “dishwashing skills” on Facebook in which he says that his wife stacks the dishwasher ” like Stevie Wonder.” And while that’s a solid joke, photographer Hobson did not think so at all as she unleashed a hell of profanity-laced rant aimed at Caine.

Check out the rant below.

“You f***ing t**t – have you asked her why she loads it that way? And do you f***ing well unload it and put the contents away in the cupboards? No. I f***ing thought not. You c***s.”

Holy hell. But Hobson forgot one important detail: her professional LinkedIn page is attached to her Facebook, so Caine decided to call her out on there so all her professional contacts could see. Have a look:

“Jesus Christ, Jane,” Indeed.

This post went viral and of course Hobson had to answer for her insane rant, saying, “People try to police women’s language, that’s another point and it’s always seen as ‘isn’t it terrible when women swear.” Hobson also added this:

“I shouldn’t have got sweary with him whether I’m male or female but I do feel like it was a bunch of boys piling on and bullying. I shouldn’t have done it but I deleted it so why his brother of all people then days later after it has been deleted has saved this screengrab for a few days and used it as a weapon against me. Why would he try and ruin somebody’s business over something as trivial as swearing at somebody who isn’t even him?”

A weak “apology,” but when it comes down to is that this freelancer photographer has a button you don’t want to push, and it has all to do with dishwashers and Stevie Wonder. Right? Right.


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