Woman Calls Police And Sparks Huge Operation Just To Get Boyfriend’s Attention

Woman Calls Police And Sparks Huge Operation Just To Get Boyfriend’s Attention


Yeah, something tells me that’s not the woman for you, buddy.

After getting in a fight with her boyfriend about going on vacation without her, Rebecca McCluskey thought the next brilliant move would be to call police and say she had just seen a body in the River Severn in Worcester. That’s not all. McCluskey also told her boyfriend she was going to jump into the river. All of these lies led to not only McCluskey’s boyfriend rushing home but police to launch a huge operation to find the “body.”

Here’s what the operation looked liked: Ten officers, two rescue boats, a dog handler and a police helicopter. Yep, all to look for a body that wasn’t in the river. When McCluskey’s boyfriend showed up at the scene, he told police he might know who was in the river, and that’s when police suspected a hoax.



During questioning McCluskey admitted she had made the fake call to say she had seen a woman struggling in the river after finding out her boyfriend of two years was planning on going on holiday without her.

Peter Love, prosecuting said McCluskey “wasted a substantial amount of resources.” He added: “Police are not applying for compensation, but I imagine it would be in the thousands if they had.” Sunil Jagatia, defending, said that McCluskey became upset when her partner broke ‘a number of promises’ and “said he was going to get back with his ex-wife.”

McCluskey was handed a four month prison sentence, ordered to pay $179 and a victim surcharge of $40.

Now let’s end this with what the chair of the bench, Harry Turner, told the crazed young woman:

“First of all, we find this appalling. Not only did you waste the taxpayers money, but you also caused danger to the city as these resources were not available for real emergencies. Because of this we feel that it has crossed the custody threshold and you are a heartbeat away from being in prison for this reckless act.”

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