Woman Calmly Rides Bus To Hospital With Head Impaled With Scissors –

Mums and dads around the world have always said not to run with scissors because you could fall and hurt yourself. Well, it seems as though you can add ‘don’t attach blades to bamboo sticks for extra reach while pruning your garden’ to that list – because one woman in China has been impaled by a falling pair of shears.

Shen Xiaoying was trying to harvest the leaves of the toona sinensis plant, also known as Chinese mahogany, at her home in Xiangyang City in Central China’s Hubei Province.

The 57-year-old wasn’t tall enough to get the leaves at the very top, so she – craftily, she presumably thought – created a makeshift scissor extension by using a bamboo stick. But as Ms Xiaoying was hacking away at the plant, the bamboo snapped and the shears came tumbling onto her head.

And that’s where they stayed: firmly implanted into her head.

Naturally, most people in this situation would have freaked the fuck out and either passed out from the shock or screamed until someone came to help. But while Shen was obviously alarmed by what had happened, she was happy that the injury hadn’t caused any immediate damage.


She said: “I feared for my life at first but realised I could still move. So my family and I took a bus to the hospital.”

Imagine walking onto her bus and thinking this middle-aged woman was sporting an interesting hairdo and realising that it was goddamn scissors impaled into her skull.

When Shen arrived at Xiangyang’s First People’s Hospital, neurosurgeons took her in for an X-ray and found the tool was actually 1.5 inches in her head and had reached her brain. Miraculously, doctors say the 57-year-old didn’t suffer any major issues with her head or mind except for some numbness and dizziness.

Credit: AsiaWire

The doctor has said: “She is regaining her consciousness but the anaesthetics are giving her numbness for a short period of time.”

It took two surgeries to fully remove the scissors and Shen is expected to be discharged from hospital in a few days.

A similar case was presented to doctors in India after a 10-year-old boy was impaled in the head with scissors while playing with his sister. An article in Semantics Scholar reads: “No other apparent injuries and neurological deficit symptoms were defined.”

It added that the injury can be much more severe if there’s an attempt to remove the scissors, because small fragments can break off and leave lasting damage.

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