Woman Catches Husband Sexting Nudes – Posts Them On Facebook And Tags His Family

In a few days, we are about to hear about a Florida lady killing her ex-husband. This will be that lady. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it! He seems like a real tool bag!

He was cheating on his wife with a waitress from Applebee’s. The genius not only left the pictures of his side piece on his phone… He left his phone out for her to use!

She went to call the babysitter when there was a selfie waiting for her hubby. After doing a little more scrolling she found some dirty dirty sex pics.


Now she is facing criminal charges. Why? SHE POSTED THE PICS ON HIS FACEBOOK! Not only that, she tagged the whole fucking family on the status.

She is in trouble because it is being considered revenge porn. I guess posting dick sucking breaks Flordia laws. Here is the FB post what do you think?

ain’t this some shit. been keeping this in for months while shit was getting figured out but now its time you all get to see the type of shi i married. i should have listened to my fam when they told me to get the fuck out when i could. turns out HUSBAND was out her fucking the waitress from apple bees. i found pics of the slut in his phone when i was trying to find our babysitters number. he is probably fucking her two. he showed his true fucking colors and you were all right


The husband might win the revenge porn case, custody of his 2 kids and him and the waitress (who is 19 years younger) are dating now.


Moral of the story. Don’t cheat on your wife with the waitresses from Applebees. I will always come back and bite you.


Especially if you dumb enough to leave the evidence in your cell phone.



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