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Woman Caught Faking Cancer After Spending $10k in Donation Money

Woman Caught Faking Cancer After Spending $10k in Donation Money

wall-FB571ab0192feee[1]This is the low of the low. The scam of all scams. Not only are you taking the money people worked hard to earn. You are taking donation money, from people who need it…

A Sweetwater woman claimed she had pancreatic cancer and only a few weeks left to live.

As she and her family pleaded for prayers and begged for help, the small community of roughly 5,600 responded.

The held benefits for her, created a Facebook group, sold T-shirts and launched a GoFundMe page.


That page was shared around the entire community and continued to grow and grow.

She went along with the scam for months, even pretending to be struggling with treatments.


With each like her story grew more and more.



But just like most scams out there either greed or mistakes derail the plan and people are exposed faster than a Vitaly fan can defend him for being “in” a gay porn.

An investigation found that the 20-year-old, Ashley Lively only pretended to have cancer and used the money to take trips to the beach and buy a new car.

And now authorities in several counties are expected to press charges.

She’s a young girl who made a bad mistake,” said Monroe County detective Mack Williams. “I have to find out where all the money came from. She admitted to me that she lied about it.”

Williams said he expects officials to bring the case to a grand jury and charges could follow.


GoFundMe is no stranger to the bullshit and shut down an account dedicated to Lively after officials with the company suspected fraud.

Family and friends of Ashley Lively are in shock after the sheriff’s department said they are investigating the woman for complaints that she raised money by faking cancer.

“She did admit to us she did not have cancer. Never has.” Detective Jones said.

The truth came to light when someone contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office wondering how a supposedly sick Ashley had gone on vacation to Florida.

Shouldn’t have posted the trip pics on FB… Now charges against Lively are still pending, however, she is being investigated for more than $8,000 in theft.

Margaret Shubert, Lively’s aunt, said Lively sent a text to the family saying the cancer was fake. Shubert said her family is “just as shocked and tore up as everyone else”.


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