Woman Caught Putting Hair In Own Food, Writes Negative TripAdvisor Review

We want to see reviews like these Yelp reviews featuring boobs. We don’t want to see fake reviews featuring some negative things about a restaurant that kicked off when the customer themselves put their own hair in their own plate of food. Well, that’s exactly what occurred in a restaurant in Australia.

The incident happened this past weekend at Casa Nostra Ristorante, which is an Italian restaurant in Brisbane. Video shows a customer intentionally put her own gross hair in her plate of food, so she wouldn’t have to pay the bill. After this, the woman actually tried to blackmail the eatery by threatening to write a bad review on TripAdvisor if she didn’t get the meal free

But her plan didn’t exactly work out, because the eatery’s co-owner explained that the hair didn’t match any of her employees since they all have “short dark trimmed hair,” and the hair in question was a strand of dirty blonde curly hair. I guess you can call this #Hairgate.

“We all have short dark trimmed hair, and this was a strand of dirty blonde curly hair,” Biuso said. “The pair threatened to post a bad review [on TripAdvisor] if the meal wasn’t taken off the bill.” Well guess what? The woman didn’t get her free meal, so she went ahead and wrote the bad review.


And this idiot was actually caught on tape, too.

Check it out below thanks to the restaurant’s Instagram.

The Customer Is Always Right hey?????? Look what we, and other food business owners have to deal with on a regular basis. We work hard every single day to give our customers an amazing experience in our restaurant and then you find people like this who decide to try and blackmail us for a hair in their meal. As you can see, she put her own hair in the plate, stirred it around and insisted the waiter remove it from her as she was so offended. FYI they tried to pretend it was a man and woman, but it was two women and both wrote a review. We could see 101% it was the customers hair and that is the reason why we did not remove this dish from the bill. Because we did not remove the dish from the bill, they told us explicitly that they would post bad reviews on Trip Advisor, which they did. Trip Advisor has a no blackmail policy for reviews and if you inform them in advance, they say they will not post them. Ummm no, we emailed them on the night this happened saying the customers threatened us with these bad reviews and we gave them easily identifiable information. Yep, you guessed it, the reviews are posted on Trip Advisor for all the world to see. Once again Trip Advisor publishes whatever they want for the world to see with no regards to the blood sweat and tears of business owners and our complete inability to control or withdraw fake and blackmailed reviews from these sites. Trip Advisor have been sued successfully in the past over similar incidents. Any other business owners have similar experiences and have had enough? We are in talks with our lawyer in regards to pursuing a case for defamation. Please share as much as possible to show the world what's going on.

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Completely busted.

The garbage review was eventually removed by TripAdvisor.

Here’s what TripAdvisor had to say about the incident.

“We take very seriously any allegations of blackmail or threatening behavior by guests against business owners.

It is absolutely against the terms and spirit of our site to use TripAdvisor’s name to try and claim discounts, compensation or freebies that would not be available to other guests. We strongly encourage owners who have experienced blackmail to proactively report such threats before a corresponding review is submitted by using our free Management Centre.

When reporting such threats, we advise owners to provide as much information as possible to aid the investigation efforts of our fraud detection team. They will then be able to take action to stop those reviews from ever reaching the site.”

Well, here’s hoping no one else will try to pull this off, but chances are they will because most people are idiots.



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