Woman Checks A Mother Abusing Her Autistic Son At A Wafflehouse!


I’m the lady in the video that spoke to the mother for abusing her autistic child. She was abusing her child for awhile before we got there according to the people that just sat back and watched. This incident happened over 3 months ago and we had no idea this was filmed. Me and my husband was in there for 10 mins and the whole time she punched him. She said because he was autistic and she’s tired of “it” she punched him repeatedly and we got fed up and tried to leave that’s when he kicked the chairs over and she yelled and told him to pick it up. My husband picked up the chairs and I told her I raised my brother that had autism and he lived to be 30 and he died really quick back in 2011. My brother would throw tantrums but we never abused him. We left out of the restaurant then came back in and my husband and a pastor there prayed over the child and I prayed for the mother and the cops we’re called after that but the video doesn’t show that part. After my husband and that lady pastor prayed over him the autistic boy shouted out “Jesus” 2 times. There is always 2 sides to every story.               Jennifer Northcutt

Woman Checks A Mother Abusing Her Autistic Son At A Wafflehouse!

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