Woman Claims She Was Raped By Snapchat Hotdog Filter After Unexpected Pregnancy

I am 100% more stupider because I just became in contact with this girl.“Technology is crazy these days so if anyone can get me in touch with snapchat it would be awesome”  NOOOOOO!!

Yes, I know the first sentence is not right I did that as a joke to break the ice because when you read this you are going to be raging in stupidity. This girl is on a whole different level of dumb.

Claiming you were raped on Facebook is bad enough. You are opening a box of people into your personal life when you should be going to the police and getting the crime handled. Unless of course the thing that “raped” you was a hot dog.

Scratch that. A virtual hot dog from a social media app.

This girl claimed she was raped by the Snapchat hot filter and it knocked her up.

The snapchat filter… This little guy.


You can tell she obviously cheated on her boyfriend, got knocked up by some other dude and had to come up with an excuse out of it. How she ended up landing on ‘Snapchat fliter’ still makes my head hurt.

Check out this Facebook post.

Let us attempt to break this down a little bit more:

“Alright yall this is gunna sound funky but just took a test and it came back possitve I’m gonna have a baby but the cray thing is I’m still a virgin

We already know this is a lie right out of the gate. Unless she went swimming in a hot tub and got knocked up that way?

cant think of how I possibly got pregnant n my family don’t believe me but I swear on my new babys life I never done sex witch leads me to my next question does anyone have snapchat customer service number???

When I saw this I was really confused. Not at the part where she says no one is believing her because… no shit. But the Snapchat part. What does she need that number for? Also, big social media companies like that are impossible to get in the phone.

I did some math N looks like I got pregnant right when snapchat came out with that hot dog filter and I’m no expert on things like that but I think it somehow got me pregnant N I cant really prove anything until the baby comes out but I was messing around with the filter in the shower but who knows!!!!

I hope she told her doctor this. That would be soooooo amazing to see on video. No sir (or lady) I didn’t bang any dudes. Must have been a snapchat filter.

YES it sounds hella crazy but is something like that possible???? Technology is crazy these days so if anyone can get me in touch with snapchat it would be awesome I need to ask if its possible to even happen like that also my boyfriend is mad at me cause he thinks I cheated because we have never done it and I telledhim I have never cheated on him an swore on the new babys life. PLEASE HELP!!!!!”

Here is the worst thing of all. This girl is about to bring a new person into this world. Help us all. That kid might grow up and want to be president or something!

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