Woman Complains After Adult Toy Gets Lost In Mail And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Woman Complains After Adult Toy Gets Lost In Mail And We Can’t Stop Laughing –

We’ve all lost something we ordered online to the postal service. And when they’re delivering millions of packages a day, a few are bound to get lost, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Why is it annoying? Because usually you have to spend days complaining to get it back.

Apparently nothing is different in Australia. Clara Compton, a 29-year-old from Port Augusta, Australia, recently ordered something online and got worried when the package didn’t arrive within the estimated time of delivery

The problem? The thing she ordered was a Satisfyer Pro sex toy. Nevertheless, Compton wasn’t going to let a little embarrassment get in the way of her enjoyment. So she decided to take to Australia Post’s Facebook page to complain in a hilarious post.


We’d be sad too, Clara, we’d be sad too. Unsurprisingly, the hilarious post quickly went viral, with thousands of likes and comments.

“I thought maybe my mum and family would see it not thousands of people, I’m so embarrassed. I just wanted Australia Post to know my present-to-myself hadn’t arrived yet,” Compton told Daily Mail Australia.

“There’s no way I thought it would actually blow up, I was just trying to be funny. This is so awkward.”

Australia Post did reply, with a social media representative called Nate replying:

 “We’re all about good vibes here at Australia Post and never want any of our customers to feel anything but the happiness a speedy package can provide.”

Compton says the company reached out by social media, but as of yet…

 Neither has clara, apparently.

You can’t leave someone hanging like this, Australia Post.

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