Woman Destroys Third Wave Feminism In 3 Minutes



Lauren Southern has been fairly confused by this new generation of feminists.they appear to me to be rabid,myopic men haters who seek,quite viciously,to control behaviors of other people (men) in order to create a perfect world for them (women).

now in the past there have been many things that truly needed to be addressed and it took some seriously brave and courageous women to bring that change about.see:sufferagists.

now i am not attempting to imply that there are not valid issues for women today.of course there are,especially in third world countries,but there is ample evidence to debunk what these third wave feminists are attempting to call “equality for all” when it is quite apparent with very little effort,to expose that this goal is patently NOT their goal.

they seek to undermine men,because fuck the oppressive patriarchy!

i find them to be shrill harpies who do NOT seek equality.they seek dominance by way of ridicule,shaming and collective bullying their fellow counterparts:men.

and god forbid another human owning a vagina disagrees with them.they will turn on ANY woman who dares perceive their world from a different narrative.

equality for all?
not a chance.
they seek special privileges just for owning a vagina,and if you own a penis?
you are inherently evil by the very existence of your genitals.

this woman simply lays third wave feminisms utter and blatant hypocrisy for all to see in under 3 minutes.

If she going to post a blog and have a YOUTUBE channel, she should try and learn more about capitalisation.


Woman Destroys Third Wave Feminism In 3 Minutes


One reply on “Woman Destroys Third Wave Feminism In 3 Minutes”

Bring it bitchez! Remember the 80’s “Class War” in the UK. We won that too. Once men realize we can pay for reliable sex with an attractive woman, normal women have lost all power over us.

With that, it’s time to knock off work and oppress a 22 year old mainland chinese single mother’s throat with my todger.

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