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Woman Endures Days Of Horrific Abuse From Husband

Woman Endures Days Of Horrific Abuse From Husband

1074414-11-20160705125049 Police say a new mother in Atlanta suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her husband for two days before being rescued by her mother. “He was jabbing at her eyes, jabbing at her eyes so she couldn’t see the baby,” Fawn Ortega tells WSB-TV. “[He] said, ‘I’m going to make it so where nobody will ever want you again.’” According to a GoFundMe page set up for 23-year-old Prosper Ortega, her husband Aaron Uchitel “poured water in her ears, tried to poke her eyes out, broke her ribs and jaw, and attempted to tear out her teeth.”


He allegedly drugged her drinks, tied her to a bed, stabbed her multiple times, and tried to bite off her lip, 11 Alive reports. Police say all this happened in front of the couple’s two-week-old baby.


assbeating1 assbeating2 Fawn became concerned for her daughter last week and went to check on her Wednesday. She says she had to fight her way past Uchitel, who she calls an “evil person,” and found Prosper close to death. The abuse left Prosper blind—possibly permanently—and her family says she will require extensive medical care and therapy. Uchitel, who has been married to Prosper for less than a year and was taking court-ordered anger management classes, has been charged with aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and cruelty to children. Police say he admitted to hitting his wife “a couple of times.” Both Fawn and Prosper have a history of working with victims of domestic violence, and Fawn says they want to use Prosper’s ordeal to draw attention to abuse.

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I wouldn’t have deigned to date her in the first place.

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