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Woman Faces 20 Years In Prison For Vaping & Flashing Breasts On Plane

It sounds like the flight attendants and passengers aboard the Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu had their hands full when 34-year-old Kristin Sharp entered the plane on Thursday. Apparently the Kona-area realtor had tied one on while in Vegas, as evidenced by the fact that her behavior was described as “drunk and belligerent” by passengers on the flight.

Of course, everyone should have known this wasn’t going to end well when Sharp tried to board the plane while vaping from an e-cigarette. According to NY Daily News, she initially stopped vaping when a flight attendant initially asked her to put the device away, but whipped it out when the flight was in the air and smoked with abandon.

kristin sharp

Things took a dark turn when a flight attendant asked her to put the e-cigarette away. Sharp then got into it with the flight attendant, and by “got into it,” I mean that she reportedly exposed her breasts to the cabin, screamed obscenities at the person tasked with reminding her not to smoke on a plane, and threw a crumbled up soda can at him.

After all this, Sharp claims that the flight attendant is the rude one. Huh.

“It was an unfortunate incident to have with the flight attendant,” Sharp  told Hawaii News Now. “However, I do feel that he was very rude to me and there was definitely a lack of manners and etiquette.”

She was the one vaping on a plane, yet he was the rude one. Right.

She also denies willfully throwing the soda can at him.

“I didn’t mean to throw it at him,” said Sharp. “I was trying to hit the trash can that was next to him.”

Sharp’s boyfriend was on the flight and vouches for his girlfriend.

“She’s not a criminal by any means,” Clark said. “She’s a sweetheart, she’s a good person. She was tired. She was a little bit grumpy. I think that the flight attendant wasn’t doing things to de-escalate the situation.”

She sounds like a real peach.

The crew them moved Sharp and Bryant to another part of the plane where Sharp then reportedly slept through the rest of the flight. She was in for a rude awakening, however, as FBI agents showed up to respond to the incident when the plane landed in Hawaii.

According to Hawaii News Now, the feds interviewed Sharp as well as flight crew and other witnesses. If charges are brought against Sharp, she could face up to 20 years and a fine for interfering with or assaulting a flight attendant.



Woman Faces 20 Years In Prison For Vaping, Flashing Breasts On Plane

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The important question is when she flashed her breasts did anyone get pics?

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