Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping In Disturbing Facebook Post

Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping In Disturbing Facebook Post



An Ohio woman is facing criminal charges after a bizarre attempt to fake her own kidnap.

38-year-old Thelma Williams, from Lemon Township, tied herself up and gagged herself before posting photos and videos of herself to social media site, Facebook.

The images, which were reportedly posted on Wednesday, showed Thelma tied to a pole in her basement and gagged with women’s underwear.

A caption alongside the photos and video read:

This is your Thelma.

Friends called 911 after seeing the photos and videos appear on Facebook.

According to WLWT, the 911 caller told a dispatcher:

They hacked her old Facebook account.

It has a video and a picture of her and it says that they have her and they’re going to kill her.

Richard Jones, Butler County Sheriff, told FOX19 police initiated a full response, which included a helicopter search as well as shutting down a highway, which cost thousands of dollars.

Deputies said they found Williams loosely bound with ripped clothes when they arrived.

Yet despite the highly inappropriate and idiotic posts, it was determined Thelma had conducted the elaborate ruse in a desperate pursuit for attention.

At the time, Thelma informed officers a masked man, possibly named Tony, broke into her home on South Verity Parkway and tied her up.

A search of Williams’s Facebook also showed statuses dating back to September 18, claiming a man named ‘Tony’ had taken over her account, with one post reading:

My name is Tony! Tell little Thelma she can’t hide forever. I see her when she’s sleeping. I’m like santie claws [sic]!

Another status from September 24 read:

Do you think she’ll look pretty with her insides spilled all over the basement floor.

According to WCPO 9, after several hours of investigation – which included viewing a local McDonald’s security tape which showed Williams inside at the time she claimed she was tied up – it was concluded the story was false.

Additionally, Sheriff Jones added Williams could be seen adjusting herself for the camera in the video:

We can actually see her waiting for it to come on so she can get her serious face on.

Detectives said Williams indicated she wanted attention from her family, adding she was going through ‘personal issues’ after recently breaking up with her boyfriend.

Sheriff Jones described it as:

One of the most bizarre cases we’ve had in quite some time.

According to Lt. Ed Tanner:

She admitted she made it up. She said she had been going through some personal issues and needed help.

Williams was charged with filing a false report, a fifth-degree felony and subsequently taken to the Middletown jail.

She is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Middletown Municipal Court.

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