Woman Fakes Own Death With Ketchup To End A Relationship

And now a cautionary tale about love, condiments, and the dangers of faking one’s own death.

Because this happened in Germany, let’s call the woman “Liesel” and the man, I don’t know, “Heinz.” It seems Liesel and Heinz were carrying on a sordid love affair for at least a year, despite both being married to other people. Laughs were probably shared. Wurst jokes were likely made. Good times were had.

Then Liesel’s husband apparently discovered the affair and the two agreed to work on their issues. But there remained the problem of Heinz, who didn’t take the affair ending very well and continued harassing the couple by sending vulgar images and emails to both Liesel and her husband.

That’s when Liesel and her husband concocted a brilliant plan to fake her death by taking a series of grisly photographs using ketchup as a visual aid. The photos, which they then sent to Heinz, depicted his old flame lying face down, apparently covered in blood.

Instead of having the intended effect of putting Heinz off, the ruse had the more logical effect of sending him into a panic. Obviously disturbed by the images, Liesel’s jilted lover called the cops who investigated and quickly found out the whole thing was an elaborate condiment hoax.

The couple may now be charged with wasting the police’s time as well as perfectly good ketchup.

[The Local | Image: HealthOWealth]

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