Woman Filmed Openly Using Sex Toy At Gas Station

this video of a woman pleasuring herself with a vibrator in a minivan at a gas station, in what is presumed to be Birmingham, England, was first uploaded to Facebook. Perhaps the Facebook commenters have a better idea of what’s going on than I do, because I’d love to know why that dude is looming over the woman going to town with a sex toy while sitting fully exposed in the same spot where her (maybe imaginary) kids sit while being carted off to soccer practice.

However, my favorite person in the whole video is the dude that just strolls through the frame with his coffee, oblivious to the Caligula outtake going on behind him. Maybe he does know what’s going on, but he just doesn’t care. He has places to go, and he hasn’t even had his coffee yet.

I mean, just look at his face. Does he look like he’s in the mood for any gas station shenanigans?

Woman Filmed Openly Using Sex Toy At Gas Station

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You can fnd the original video using google if you search it hard enough. We just can’t post it here as it is associated with some of the adult sites that we don’t want any backlinks too.

This trend is becoming a new “big thing” where people who like to exhibit themselves put on shows for other people that like to watch. They meet up at specific locations like truck stops and parking lots. It is all organised on the internet, well at least according to articles on Google.

If a guy was to get caught doing this, he would be thrown in jail, at least in the USA.

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