Woman Filmed Tearing Up Quran And Then Urinating On It

Woman Filmed Tearing Up Quran And Then Urinating On It


A woman has been filmed urinating on and setting fire to a Quran, sparking huge controversy.

In the video, the woman is seen in front of a Slovak national flag while she declares war on Muslim “parasites.”

Video: Activiton User

The footage, believed to have been shot in rural Finland, shows the woman ripping out pages of Islam’s holy book before urinating on them.

Pulling her trousers back up, the woman then pours lighter fluid on the text and sets it alight.

Image: Activiton user

“I do not care about the criminal complaints,” she says to the camera. “It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police – nobody will stop me.”

She adds that she will hunt down Muslims “step by step”.

Image: Activiton user

The video has been passed on to police in Slovakia, reports.

Defiling or defacing a Quran is punishable by imprisonment in certain countries and is known to be punishable by death in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Pakistan.

In February 2012, improper disposals of Qurans across Afghanistan by the US military Bagram Air Base led to violent protests which killed 30 and injured hundreds more.

One of the more infamous examples of Quran burning came in 2005, when allegations of desecration in front of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were made. It was later confirmed that two US personnel has “unintentionally” desecrated the holy book while another two had done so deliberately.

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