Woman films Stranger Yelling Racist Insults At Her – Then Karma Steps In

A man’s offensive racist rant went viral after being caught on film, but karma took care of him!


Jeanne Heo was riding the red line metro in Los Angeles when a man approached her and asked if she was tired. Heo initially ignored the man, but he was persistent in his questioning.

He then asked if she was American, to which she replied “yes.”

After she got off the train, the man followed her and continued berating her with questions, eventually asking “Where are your genetics from? Are you Korean?”

When Heo continued to ignore the harasser, he went on an unhinged racist rant. Then Heo pulled out her camera and started filming him:


“F*ck you, go back to Asia,” said the man while flipping off the 29-year-old.

“Let’s nuke you, Trump, god bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys,” he continued.

At the end of the video, you can see the man start to walk off.

But after the camera stopped rolling he was met with the fist of justice. No, literally a fist.

A bystander who observed the entire incident from the time Heo was on the train punched the man in the face, Heo told Buzzfeed.

Look, violence is never the answer, but at the same time…

The man who stepped in was African-American, which prompted the racist dude to spew even more hateful rhetoric and racial slurs. Heo recalls hearing the man say, “Get back in your cage, you n*ggers are all the same.”

Hopefully he learns to not be so ignorant and hateful some day.  If only time could heal idiocy like this, too bad we have to learn to not be assholes.

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