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Woman Gets Offended For No Reason And Gets Completely Shot Down

Woman Gets Offended For No Reason And Gets Completely Shot Down

The world gets offended by everything and anything nowadays, so much so that an opinion can be a dangerous thing.

Of course, freedom of speech (which we take for granted in liberal countries), should be curtailed with sensibility and not advocating any form of hate or exclusion, but, seriously, just putting a point out there now means you will inevitably suffer the wrath of a plethora of whingers; a legion of do-gooders actually doing no good at all. Think Brexit, think Trump, it’s a vote from normal people fed up of being told what they can and can’t do and can and can’t think or say.

You’d think (and you’d be wrong), that the one safe space where someone can say something slightly controversial, a little edgy and, let’s face it, a bit funny, would be a comedy night.

Not so. When Steve Hoftsetter, who is now Senior Comedy Correspondent at Fox Sports, spoke about annoying parents who think they are special and so are their children when they really are pretty damn average, and probably not special at all, it riled one person. In the greater scheme of things, being able to procreate and having a child that isn’t an utter shit every second of the day is nothing that great to shout about, but she took exception to his comments.

He explains that having a good kid is what makes them special, and some delicate flower decides to shout “bullshit” and ask him how many children he has, as if this was some kind of victory that the comedian would not be able to come back from.

Of course, she got shot down by him – brutally. Take a look here.

Credit: Steve Hofstetter

His mic drop moment, among others, was that the woman cannot possibly have an opinion on her team the Washington Redskins because, similar to him not having any children, she has no experience of being any good at American Football. This is after she tries to define the difference between mad and upset and comes across as possibly the most sanctimonious anus wipe of the year.

He also makes analogies to pizza and helicopters, all while she’s slowly losing the grip on that metaphorical pedestal she thinks she has a right to be on.

So it’s time for everyone to stop being so butt hurt and appreciate the truth that Tottenham Hotspur are the greatest team on the planet, Danny Rose is a world class left back and Suicide Squad was very overrated. Oh, and that vloggers should re-evaluate their life. And baseball is a shite sport.

Other points:

  • Hillary Clinton is a conniving flesh bag
  • Donald Trump has shit hair
  • Ronda Rousey isn’t that good
  • Dogs are better than most humans I know

Don’t agree? Why not leave a load of vitriolic abuse in the comments section, dickhead.


One reply on “Woman Gets Offended For No Reason And Gets Completely Shot Down”

if you don’t have a sense of humor why go to a comedy club.then to make it worse when the comedian quips about parenting morons she goes full retard and stands and says “hey….that’s me”

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