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Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend By Sending Nude Pics To His 17-Year-Old Son, Then She Gets Arrested

Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend By Sending Nude Pics To His 17-Year-Old Son, Then She Gets Arrested



Breakups can get messy. If the woman is scorned she may burn your Jordans in a fire pit. Some ladies seek vengeance by smashing the windows in your car. Charlotte Klisares takes her revenge and makes it a family affair. You see, Charlotte got back at her ex by sending her nude pics to her former beau’s 17-year-old son.

Savage, but also highly illegal.

We take you to Altoona, Iowa where the 46-year-old real estate broker sent two sexually graphic photos to her ex-boyfriend’s son in a Facebook message in June. Just when you thought Facebook wasn’t cool because your parents and their friends are on the social media platform, this changes everything. Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said the 17-year-old was “clearly bothered” by the images.

“We were more concerned with the reaction of the minor of the child, and he was clearly bothered by this,” Parizek said. “This is not something he expected to see (and) definitely nothing that he wanted.”



That’s certainly going to make for an awkward car ride to the ballpark during their father-son bonding time especially when you pleasured yourself to naked pics of your former mother-like figure. “Dad, your old girlfriend had a great rack.”

“Basically, the whole thing started with a domestic situation with her and her now ex-boyfriend,” Parizek said. “They’d split up, there was some arguing going back and forth and both were kind of alleging some harassment”

Klisares claims that her ex-boyfriend threatened to send a sex tape that she had made with him to her friends and family. She decided to strike first. Klisares, who has a teenage daughter of her own, admitted to police that she sent the explicit photos to the teen.


Savage, but not well-thought out.

“I’m going to get sweet revenge on my ex-boyfriend by sending nude photos to a minor, which will get me arrested and then branded as a sexual predator for the rest of my life.”

Not exactly the smartest form of revenge.


An attorney for Klisares released the following statement:

“Ms. Klisares has been the recent victim of domestic abuse and this is just another attempt by the abuser to intimidate, harass and bully her because she stood up for herself. We will address these allegations through the criminal justice system and we are confidant that the truth of these allegations will become apparent once both sides of the story come to light. Ms. Klisares would like to remind those that are the victims of domestic abuse to come forward and seek assistance through the advocacy programs available. They are helping to keep her strong and focused during this difficult time. We are confident that the truth will prevail.”

Char’s lawyer released a 10-second audio recording from a voicemail message from Charlotte’s former partner which said, “You fucking called the [cops], cost me $2,000 to get home, to get out of jail tonight, for public intoxication. Thank you. I promise, I’ll get your ass back.”

Klisares was arrested and placed into the Polk County Jail early Tuesday morning. Char was charged with dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to minors, a serious misdemeanor. She is being held in lieu of a $1,000 bond.


2 replies on “Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend By Sending Nude Pics To His 17-Year-Old Son, Then She Gets Arrested”

Of course she was arrested and of course the lad saved a copy when his dad made him hand over the phone to the cops for personal use later.

A 17 year old “minor” with internet access being “clearly bothered” by a nude pic? Bullshit. I guarantee that wasn’t the first nude pic he’s ever seen.

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