Woman Goes On Bigoted Rant Against Muslim woman – Now She’s ‘Famous’

Racism and Islamophobia are as alive as ever in the ol’ US of A—even in the free sample-filled oasis that is Trader Joe’s. A young Muslim woman was recently in line at a TJ’s in Reston, Virginia, when she let a blonde shopper cut in front of her in line. She soon regretted that, as the woman launched into a bigotry-fueled rant, complaining about another Muslim woman in the store wearing a niqab. And saying to the woman in line behind her: “I wish they hadn’t let you in the country.”

“Excuse me? I was born here,” responded the young Muslim woman, who filmed the interaction. She then calmly urged the blonde woman to “get some help.”

Comedian Jeremy McLellan, a friend of the woman who was harassed, shared the video with her permission on his Facebook page, asking people to help “make this lady famous”:

The video has been viewed nearly 5 million times. So it looks like he got his wish.

In the caption, McLellan explained what happened:

A friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) just sent this to me. I’ve confirmed that it’s real. This happened today at the Trader Joe’s in Reston, VA. This woman was in a hurry so my friend (who is a Muslim woman) offered to let her go in front of her in line. That’s when she started talking bad about a different Muslim woman in the store (who was wearing niqab) and asking my friend why she didn’t cover as well. My friend replied it was a choice and the woman didn’t believe her and started talking about FGM and telling her “I wish they didn’t let you in the country.” That’s when my friend started filming.

THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS VIDEO. Where do we begin? The Islamophobic bigotry? The rudeness of attacking someone who just let you cut in front of them in line? Blaming Obama? The grocery cart containing only one small bag of avocados???

Commenters tore the woman to shreds for all of it:

Many are pointing out the irony of the shopper insisting “I’m very normal.”

If you see this woman at Trader Joe’s, don’t let her cut in front of you in line. And point out that anyone who hates immigrants has no business buying avocados.

Kudos, Jeremy McLellan. You did it. You her famous.

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