Woman Goes On Date Wearing Only Body Paint

Woman Goes On Date Wearing Only Body Paint

I’m not a particularly astute person, but I like to think I’d notice if the person I was on a date with was naked. I mean, it sounds like a pretty obvious thing to spot, doesn’t it? But one woman went on a first date with a guy naked – apart from body paint – and was only rumbled when it began to rain and the paint ran.

Model Joy Jewel went on a Valentine’s Day date with a US comedian she met on Tinder, rather than deliberate over what to wear, she called in Jen Seidel – from YouTube channel Jen the Body Painter – to help out.

After two hours of work, Joy was ‘dressed’ in a strappy top and a pair of ripped jeans and headed off to meet the guy.

Joy, who is pretty ballsy for doing this, said: “It’s not my first Tinder date but it is my first painted Tinder date.

“The guy I picked is a comedian and he’s really really really funny, so I’m looking forward to meeting him and seeing his reaction.

“I don’t know if he’s even going to notice because this is, like, awesome and I’m kinda hoping I get to know him a little bit today and some good conversation if he’s not completely distracted by the situation going on right here.

Credit: YouTube/Jen The Body Painter

“I’m looking forward to it and I feel covered so I’m confident.”

So, the two meet for coffee and, in fairness to her date, when she removes her coat he does say that he likes her outfit and that he thought she was naked for a second – however, the pair quickly laugh it off.

He then starts complimenting her outfit, telling her she looks ‘elegant’.

After their coffees the two go for a little walk, where they’re quickly spotted by a group of girls who, noticing that Joy is wearing only paint, ask for some selfies.

Credit: YouTube/Jen The Body Painter

He then asks her if she’s just wearing body paint, but she still denies it, prompting her date to say: “I’m not a woman, I don’t understand.” And he still seems to believe her.

But then, they leave the mall and it’s raining and finally the paint-covered penny drops.


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