Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths To Check To See If Her Fella’s Cheated

Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths To Check To See If Her Fella’s Cheated




If you think your partner’s doing the dirty on you – leave them. Why? Well, either you’re paranoid and don’t trust them or they really are banging someone else behind your back. Both options are pretty shitty so leave them and start fresh with someone else.

Tia appeared on the Maury Show along with her fella Jermaine as she was suspicious that he’d been doing the dirty. They’ve been together since they were 15, but she claims that since he turned 21 (and could legally buy alcohol in America) he’d been out in bars and clubs and hanging out with women.


According to the Mirror, he did admit to cheating once…

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She’s taken to extreme measures by literally weighing his balls to see if they’re lighter. Urm… WHAT?! How much is this guy jizzing?

Explaining, she said: “I want to see if they’re heavy.”

“He’s got girls hitting him up on Facebook, talking about how he promised oral sex to them,

“Talking about how I better hope he got nothing other baby.”

“I’m doing laundry and I just pulled his boxers out and there’s a stain on his boxers. I’m like what the hell is this. That’s the b**** stain. That’s her all over him.” Adding that she had found an empty condom wrapper under their bed. Jermaine, it’s not looking good mate.

He did a lie detector and it shows that he was lying. Wow.

Side note: Please don’t start weighing each other’s genitals.

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