Woman Has Four Pints Of Fat Injected Into Her Bum To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Now more than ever people seem to take idolisation to the next level. Gone are the days where getting the same haircut as your favourite actor was enough.

People are taking drastic steps, like getting plastic surgery, to look exactly like them.

And Jennifer Pamplona is another who has taken things to the extreme. She has injected her derriere with four pints of fat (yes, four pints) in the hope of it resembling reality star Kim Kardashian’s infamous backside.

The young woman from Sao Paolo, Brazil, has spent nearly $500,000 (around £376,000) on revamping her butt. She’s also had two boob jobs, liposuction, a nose job and four ribs removed in the past seven years.

There were eight doctors who turned down the opportunity to inject the four pints of fat into her, saying it was far too risky. Despite the recommendations she claimed she’d be willing to die on the operating table.

She said: “My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful. Before, whenever I looked in the mirror all I could think was that I needed a bigger butt.

“Now I’m so much happier. Having surgery has changed my life and helped me to overcome depression.

“I’m crazy for my butt, it started when I was 17-years-old I was always slender unlike most Brazilians who are known for being very curvy.”

She added: “People always used to comment on my body and when I was dating a professional footballer, he complained, ‘you don’t have a big butt and you’re too skinny’.

“I finally have my Kim Kardashian butt. Now I know it’s very beautiful and I can compare mine to hers because it’s also massive and great.

“I’ve spent a lot of money to become Jennifer Pamplona, but I don’t see it as an expense more as an investment, I will become more famous than Kim Kardashian.”

The new look has led Jennifer to a different walk of life, she’s modelled for brands and starred in a reality show centred around people who’ve had plastic surgery.

However, it has been a bittersweet journey for her as the decision to completely change her look has had drawbacks. For example her mum didn’t speak to her for two weeks because of her enlarged booty.

She said: “People say I’m stupid, but I have achieved a lot. I came from a poor Brazilian village . . . [now I’m] famous and [have] created a company.”

“I’m a good person, I support my family, support charities, I don’t drink or do drugs, I do my best for the world and try to be a better person every day.”

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