Woman Kills Ex-Boyfriend Because He Went On Tinder Date 5 Months After They Broke Up

Boy, this story is a bummer.

Hasna Begum, a 25-year-old woman decided to stabbed her ex-boyfriend after she discovered that he had met someone new on the dating app Tinder. Oh, and Begum and her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old DJ Pietro Sanna, had already been broken up for five months.

Just a few days before Begum stabbed Sanna 36 times (yes, 36 freaking times), Begum sent threatening messages to Pietro’s date, Giulia Consonni, using fake Instagram profiles. And then a few days after that, Begum climbed out of her window in the early hours, took a taxi to Sanna’s home in Canning Town, east London and then stabbed him to death. It gets more bonkers. To commit the crime, Begum threw on a blonde wig and gloves to attack him and then fled in a taxi to go to a hospital to have her cut thumb checked out.



Begum then used the Italian man’s phone for the next few days, deleting his Instagram posts and calling him six times in an attempt to cover her tracks. His body was found three days later when she anonymously tipped off his brother.

Jurors were told that Begum met Pietro and started a year-long relationship but eventually split in January this year as she suspected him of cheating on her.

Begum says she went to his home on the day of the murder to discuss getting back together and decided to wear the wig because she wanted to look her best and not “like a tramp.” The gloves she had on were just “how I accessorize”, she told the court. DCI Gary Holmes, who led the investigation, said:

“This was a callous, brutal and merciless attack on a young man who had his whole life ahead of him. ‘The frenzied brutal nature of the attack must have been entirely unexpected by the victim. Her behavior before and after the attack was very conceited and her claim of self-defense was rightly dismissed by the jury.”

Begum was of course found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars with a minimum of at least 20 years.

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