Woman Loses 98 Pounds (Seven Stone) After Husband Calls Her A ‘Fat Fuck’ To His Mistress

Woman Loses 98 Pounds (Seven Stone) After Husband Call Her A ‘Fat Fuck’ To His Mistress

Being cheated on is bad enough, but to add insult to injury, this woman’s husband and his mistress were referring to her as a ‘fat fuck’.

But rather than slash his tires or rip up his clothes or any of the other clichéd shit women do when they get cheated on, Betsy Ayala, 34, from Houston, Texas, lost over 98 Pounds (Seven Stone) and now looks amazing. She went from 18st 7lbs to 11st 3lbs after going the gym six times a week with her sister and knocking back the protein shakes.

Betsy, a marketing manager, found her husband was cheating with a colleague when she saw some messages on his Facebook. She told the Daily Mail: “They were calling me a cow and a fat fuck and just trashing me and my whole world fell apart.

“He would always tell me I looked fine or would try to get me to eat junk all the time which is why I was so devastated when I read those messages because it was almost like he enabled me or wanted me to stay that way.”

Betsy began dieting at 13 and has always struggled with her weight in the past, stemming from anxiety and resulting in her getting bullied at school.

After kicking him out, she started smashing the gym and sticking to a strict diet. She calls her husband’s cheating a ‘blessing in disguise’ because she feels it gave her the kick up the arse she needed to get motivated.

Weirdly, she also says her and her ex-husband are ‘good’ now, which is presumably for the sake of the daughter.



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Like 99% of women they make no effort until it’s too late and wonder why hubby strayed. All his fault of course.

What? 99%? My word, you must be so experienced, you rascal. “Too late”, no. Actually good timing, got the arsehole out and got in shape. “Hubby strayed”? What decade are you living in? All his fault? Which of them was fucking around and slagging off their partner?

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