Woman Loses Her Mind After Seeing Woman Wearing Veil

Woman Loses Her Mind After Seeing Woman Wearing Veil

“It’s illegal,” a woman can be heard yelling in a video. “I see her looking so scary” and “I don’t know what she carry.” The only thing unlawful was the woman’s own behavior. The Sydney Morning Herald reports an unnamed 35-year-old was charged with common assault and destroying or damaging property following the Friday afternoon Islamophobic incident, which spurred two viral videos. Ramzy Alamudi and and his wife, a Muslim student who had just sat for the last exam of her medical science degree at Macquarie University in Sydney, were in their car in a university parking lot when the Asian woman walked up to them. “The lady … sticks her middle finger right at us,” writes Alamudi, who says he then asked the woman if everything was OK.

“She blows up in a rage… starts pointing at my wife and screaming ‘F**k you! Take it off!!'” “It” was her niqab, the Islamic veil his wife wears, he explains. As the woman approached their car, Alamudi told his wife to start recording. The ensuing video has been watched more than 1.5 million times. Alamudi writes that the woman keyed his car, repeatedly banged on the windows and tried to open the doors, while dropping the F-bomb and saying “Who are you?” over and over, before suggesting his wife was a “terrorist” who scared her. Witness Emily Guff, whose own video has been viewed 1,500,000 times, writes, “The whole time this woman was having her rant, her baby was sitting in her unlocked car, meters from where she was hurling abuse.” Added Alamudi, “Her hate clearly held priority over her child.”

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