Woman Makes Fake 911 Call To Lure Cops Away So She Can Drive Home Drunk

You’re sloshed at the bar. You want to go home. But there’s one problem: Coppers. They got the breath thingie. They’ll pull you over when you’re driving and give you the breath thingie and then you’re dunzo. What do you do??

If you’re an enterprising young drunk like Hayley Oats of Parsippany, New Jersey, you hatch yourself a plan.

Wayne police allege that Oats, 25, called 911 from the Grasshopper bar and grill at 26 Erie Ave, where she had been drinking with an unidentified male companion, to make a false report of an assault at Mother’s Ale House two blocks away. Oats’ scheme, according to police, was to lure officers in the area to the other bar so that she and her friend could abscond in their vehicle without being detected.

It was the perfect crime.

But, as with so many entrepreneurial young criminals, Oats’ ingenuity was undercut by her pride. After making the false report, she took to Twitter to brag about her deeds, writing: “lmao… 2 mins later the cop peals out … silly piggies tricks r for u.”

When police came across braggadocios message, they were decidedly cheesed off.

“You’re misusing the system. You have 911 personnel that are answering the call. You have police officers that should be doing other things, are now responding to a call that’s false so that you can drive away drunk?” Wayne police Detective Capt. Laurence Martin told CBS. “And then bragging about it on social media — that’s as dumb as it gets.”

Oats has been charged with filing false reports to law enforcement and creating a false public alarm. Can’t wait to see what inspired plot she comes up with to escape the charges. Surely it will be worthy of a Michael Mann or John Frankenheimer flick.





Woman Makes Fake 911 Call To Lure Cops Away So She Can Drive Home Drunk

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