Woman Makes Incredible Recovery After Fire Attack From Jealous Love Rival



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Dana Vulin’s life changed when she was the victim of a sickening attack by a jealous love rival which left 65 per cent of her body severely burned.

The assault fused her neck to her chest and left her in a coma for ten days, but she has made an incredibly recovery, banishing her fear that she ‘would never be pretty again’.

She posed for a photo (above) for the Sun showing off her scars and expressing how she ‘has never felt so sexy’.


She has come out the other side with very impressive physical recovery for which she had to wear a mask and compression suit for three years, but the mental scars are still there.

The attack, which turned Dana into a human fireball, took place on February 16, 2012 when drug-crazed Natalie Dimitrovska was under the false impression that Dana had been sleeping with her ex-husband and she broke into her flat in Perth to confront her.

Dimitrovska was jailed for 17 years after she doused Dana in methylated spirits and set fire to her.


In reference to her recent photo shoot, Dana said:

It was nerve-racking showing off my scars, but I couldn’t be prouder of this photo. It shows just how far I have come.  I want people to  know I am not broken any more.

I feel proud and sexy. This is my way of inspiring people to love the skin they are in, no matter what they look like.

I wouldn’t even want my old body back. I look at my tummy and I don’t call it my six-pack, I call it my scar-pack.


Dana is now looking to inspire others, having taken a lot of encouragement from TV presenter and former model Katie Piper who was the victim of an acid attack and has recovered form her severe burns.

Dana said:

Both of us were the blonde, pretty girls who overnight looked like modern-day Frankenstein’s monsters.

There were days when I cried so much it felt like my eyes were bleeding. Now, just as with Katie, my scars are my strength and we are both using them to inspire others.


Dana before the attack, graduating with majors in Advertising and Business, Management:


The confident 30-year-old is now a motivational speaker, using her scars as a strength and has her own website where she shares her inspirational story to encourage others experiencing similar plights.

After 150 procedures over more than 30 months of surgery, she can ‘look in the mirror and see the old Dana again’.

She is keen to find her ideal man who loves her for the way she is and to settle down.

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