Woman Plans On Taking Her Gun Into Target Bathrooms To Protect Herself From Transgenders

After Target announced its transgender customers and employees can use store bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, Orlando-based Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver said she would be taking her Glock .45 into Target’s restrooms, saying the gun “identifies as my bodyguard.”

She seems to be real serious about her guns…

Target’s policy was a reaction against the recently passed North Carolina law that stops transgender people from using bathrooms for the gender they identify with and blocks local municipalities from passing nondiscrimination laws.

Since the company’s announcement, conservative activists have launched a #BoycottTarget campaign, protested outside their local Targets.

She retweets the #boycottTarget comics:

And even fires off some crazy tweets of her own:

People were calling her out but she kept her ground:

She followed up all of those tweets with a message to everyone worried about them:

Your move Target…


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